India Waali Maa 18th January 2021 Written Update: Rohan, Chinu to pretend as a couple

India Waali Maa 18th January 2021 Written Update on

Kaku cries says a man stole her purse and went, she came out as lights went off, neighbors say this is good area, here thieves won’t live, they came from outside and accusing people here. Kaku describes the man but no one believes her except a lady. After everyone goes, lady asks Kaku if the boy was like rakshas, Kaku nods. Lady says she knows who is thief and asks Kaku to come along.

 Hassu says he will also come, lady says he is unwell, if he faints on the way, they can’t handle him, he should rest in the room. Kaku and the lady go, her son stole the money, lady hits her son with stick and takes the purse. Kaku sees the purse having only 500 rupees, he spent remaining money for drinking.

 Lady apologizes to Kaku and requests Kaku to not reveal this to anyone. She did marriage of her 2 daughters alone, her son and husband are of no use. Kaku goes to home and lies to Hassu that she found money showing purse, thanks to police.

Next morning, lady offers prasad to Kaku as its eve of pongal, Kaku wishes her makar sankranti. Kaku, Hassu remember how they used to celebrate festival with Rohan, Kaku used to cook many dishes, Hassu taught flying kites to Rohan.

Rohan sees festive atmosphere and asks what’s special today, Vasu says its pongal, Rohan excitedly shares how he used to celebrate with his parents and stops realizing what he said. Vasu offers sweet to Rohan, Meenu places sweet in a bowl and offers to Rohan smilingly. Vasu says they said Chinu is married to Rohan as the family who are coming to see Meenu are traditional. They have to behave as married couple, Meenu requests Chinu to act, may be her marriage will get fixed. Chinu agrees to pretend, Rohan also agrees.

Kaku offers a dish to a child in the neighborhood. She calls Hassu to feed the sweet to boy as her hands has masala. Hassu feeds the boy and boy likes it, he says he will call his friends too. Kaku, Hassu feel happy. Rohan comes to the area and talks to secretary, they are good people and tried to deal the matter in a simple way.

 Mr Murthy sent hampers on the eve Pongal, he asks secretary to distribute these to people here. Rohan gives it to a family and says its a very good day, they have to make the right decision. A child gives sweet to Rohan, Rohan eats and recognizes its taste as its made by his mother Kaku.