India Waali Maa 18th September 2020 Written Update: Rohan gets the loan

India Waali Maa 18th September 2020 Written Update on

Kaku explains Rohan that cooking food and feeding is like praying to Eshwar, its a good thing and if Patel Sahab becomes happy, he may give us loan and Chinu will also come back. Rohan still doesn’t agree.

Kaku calls Hassu and asks him if someone denies them to do a work, can they still do that work. Hassu wonders if she is asking it, she always does what she thinks. Kaku tells him lower the flame as oil is heated a lot, Hassu asks how does she know, she says she knows it from the sound of jeera in oil. He praises her and disconnects the call.

Vasu is sending all cars for a work, but one more car is needed, she asks Meenu that Rohan also has a big car right, then she laughs saying sorry she forgot Bank people took Rohan’s car.

 Chinu gets angry and comes to Vasu, she says she is already enjoying her father’s cars and house freely, does she need Rohan’s car too now. They have an argument and Vasu leaves. Meenu asks Chinu if she is coming to Amrita’s function, but Chinu says she is not in mood to come.

Kaku comes to Patel’s house, Patel’s wife tells her to make food only for Shagun as they hired 5 star chefs because Amrita’s friends feel Gujaratis add sweet in every dish. Kaku thinks to show everyone that Gujarati food contains all spices not just sweet.

She asks chef for Lilva, they don’t understand. She calls Hassu and asks english meaning of Lilva, he asks the same to neighbor Tripti, she sees in Internet and says ‘fresh pigeon peas’. Hassu tells the same to Kaku.

 Kaku asks Chef to give fresh pigeon peas. They give it and Kaku starts cooking. She prepares huge amount of food. Lunch starts and everyone go towards chef made food. Amrita’s mother asks Kaku, why she made so much food, it will be wasted and her hardwork will also be wasted.

 Amrita comes there, she is introduced to Kaku. Kaku offers her a dish and insists to eat. Amrita loves it and calls her friends also to taste, she calls her father too. He says he already tasted Kaku behen’s food.

He praises Kaku a lot and says if Rohan has even some qualities of Kaku, he will happily give loan. He tells her to ask Rohan to meet him tomorrow at office, he will give loan. Kaku gets happy. Amrita’s mother asks Kaku to sing Gujarati songs in ceremony.

Meenu sees Kaku in function and talks to her in drunken state, she praises Kaku to be cool. She offers Kaku also to drink as its party. Kaku thinks to take Meenu safely to home before anyone sees her like this.

Its night and Kaku holds drunken Meenu and comes to Chinu’s house. Vasu misunderstands Kaku again. Chinu’s father also comes there.