India Waali Maa 1st January 2021 Written Update: Meenu tries to sabotage the event

India Waali Maa 1st January 2021 Written Update on

Rohan asks Balwinder what happened, security called him. Balwinder says they are saved from tragedy and tells how Kaku shifted cloth boxes. Rohan asks Kaku if she is fine. Security says this is all because of chemicals. Rohan asks for CCTV footage and sees Balwinder putting chemical cans in the storeroom, Rohan scolds him for leaving cans in middle instead of keeping them in a corner.

Chinu asks Rohan to see how the can fell down, Rohan asks to forward video and they see Meenu pushing can while placing mannequin. Everyone look at Meenu and she asks why are they looking at her, she is company owner’s daughter, its not her work to place things here and there. Chinu asks her to apologize as its her mistake. Kaku tells them to stop, they have event at 5 pm and takes Chinu out.

Chinu tells Kaku she already told they would suffer because of Meenu. She asks Kaku if she is fine, Bhatuknath ji saved her life like hero, if she doesn’t feel weird. Kaku says he is good man, he would save anyone in her place.

Rohan consoles Meenu as its her mistake, Meenu says she didn’t do it intentionally, but Chinu scolded like she is useless. Rohan says his father also calls him loser and he is working hard to remove that tag, he asks Meenu also to try and prove herself.

Meenu calls models office and tells them to come at 7 pm as event is delayed by 2 hours, if models come by 5 pm, they would have to wait unnecessarily. Meenu smirks thinking she will see how Chinu will do the event.

Chinu calls Bhatuknath ji and asks him to come to event, she is feeling unwell. He says okay and comes, he asks Chinu what happened, he didn’t understand which tablet to bring, if she tells her problem, he will go and get the medicine. Chinu asks the medicine which will bring truth out, she calls him Hasmukh Gadvi. He gets shocked, she asks if he is Bhatuknath with whom Kaku is having affair. He says Kaku can never do like that. Chinu calls him Bhatuk Gadvi and asks why is he doing all this. He takes her to a room and explains why he is hiding from Rohan and helping them. Chinu says he and Kaku are doing a lot for them.

Fawad tells Meenu to get the clothes ironed, he will call the models. Meenu says she will call the models, he can gets the clothes ironed, he nods.

Chinu asks Kaku if some people do so much for them, how can they repay. Kaku says its priceless, but we can repay by solving their problems, fulfilling their dreams.

Fawad asks Meenu about models, Meenu lies that models are on the way.

Precap: Kaku, Hassu walk the ramp, Rohan gets shocked seeing his father.