India Waali Maa 1st October 2020 Written Update: Rohan comes home drunk

India Waali Maa 1st October 2020 Written Update on

Rohan tells Kaku he has a work and he will talk later. Chinu asks Kaku they are late, if there is crowd at temple, Kaku says yes, Chinu asks if Darshan went well. Kaku says she forgot something and goes to talk to Rohan. Power cuts and Chinu comes upstairs, Rohan and Kaku ask her to be careful. Kaku goes to light candle. Rohan says he will go and check fuse.

Chinu says she can see even in darkness and shows the message that electricity was cut due to non-payment of bill. She asks how many times he will let her down, she doesn’t deserve this life. It would have been better if abortion happened. Rohan asks her not to talk like this, he will go and sort the issue. Kaku calls Chandraprabha, she says she was thinking about her and she only called. Kaku asks why was she thinking about her, they still have time to re pay loan.

Chandraprabha asks recipe of Dhokla. Kaku asks her not to talk sweetly, talk rudely to make her angry, she doesn’t want her anger to cool down, she wants to scold Rohan, teach him lesson and want to go back to Bhuj. Chandraprabha asks her to tell Rohan that she is going back to Bhuj. Kaku says she won’t go back till they repay her loan. She advises Kaku to go to Rohan’s office and scold him.

Kaku goes to Rohan’s office and is shocked to see its messy state. A person sat on chair with his 2 people. Kaku asks who are they. He is the owner of the place, Rohan didn’t pay its rent yet. He asks Kaku who is she, if she also came to collect debt money from Rohan. Kaku says she came here looking for job. They laugh, Rohan is so poor, he can’t give any jobs.

Kaku comes to home, Chinu asks where is Rohan, she scolded him a lot in anger, she is tensed if Rohan is fine or not. Kaku assures he will be fine and she should not take tension. She gives tablets to Chinu and makes her sleep.

Kaku is tensed for Rohan as he still didn’t come home. She calls to Rohan but it doesn’t connect. She calls Sagar and asks if Rohan is with him. Sagar says No. Rohan comes home in drunken state. He says sorry, he is very bad son. He is about to vomit, she takes him to washroom. She makes him sleep on bed.