India Waali Maa 1st September 2020 Written Update: Kaku is going to Bangalore

India Waali Maa 1st September 2020 Written Update on

Hasmukh tells Kaku that Rohan showed their place in his life by marrying without telling them. Kaku says he might be struck in some problem, else he would have informed them. He angrily says their son married without telling them and she is supporting him. She says they will ask him when they will meet him in Bangalore, Hassu says he won’t come to Bangalore.

She reminds him of Rohan’s childhood, how he used to forgive his mistakes and made him realize what is right and wrong always. He says it was his childhood, now he is adult and forgot his parents. She says a mother cannot forget her child even if child forgets. He walks away saying whatever it is, she has to choose between her son and husband now. She walks into Rohan’s room and looks at his childhood clothes. She reminisces 12-year-old Rohan asking her which T-shirt to choose.

She says he is growing up and should stop taking his mother’s help, else people will call him mavadiya/mother’s puppet. Rohan says he is. She asks whom he is wearing this T-shirt for, Parul or some other girl. He says he is wearing for his mother and walks away. She laughs saying my Mavadiya. She falls asleep on T-shirt. Hassu walks in and seeing her fallen asleep leaves.

Kaku wakes up in the morning and searches Hassu, thinks where he must have gone. Hassu is in shop and gets Kaku’s call, but ignores. Kamlesh walks in and asks why is he ignoring Kaku ben’s call, their Jodi is like cup saucer’s, but why is he anger on her, did he fight again because of Rohan, he shouldn’t, etc. Hassu doesn’t reply. Kamlesh leaves. Kaku enters next and asks when he cannot handle things without her, why he tries. He says he cannot win over her. She asks then why does he try. He says he will get her Bangalore’s ticket tonight.

Kaku meets Tripti and excitedly narrates her whole story, says she is going to Bangalore to meet Rohan and asks what gift she should take for her bahu, counts each gift including Sindoor, Mangalsutra. Tripti nods and tells Kaku to see everything properly there. Kaku then returns home. In the evening Hassu returns and gives her Bangalore’s ticket.

She excitedly video calls Rohan and shows him train ticket and says she is coming there. Rohan unpacking his goods in his new home nervously asks why she is coming so early, he has to set up his house first. She says she is coming to set up his house and life. She will feel relaxed after seeing his wife. He asks if papa is also coming.

She says he wanted to come, but he has to take care of shop as its festive season, so she is coming alone. He says okay and disconnects call. He then gets a lady’s call who asks if he escaped from New York to forgo his loan, he says he just shifted to set up his business and will return her loan soon.

Next day, Hassu walks on road with Kaku and says he has to walk alone on the streets from here on. She asks why don’t he forgive Rohan and join her as he cannot stay away from her. He gets angry and says she says they both are one, but their thinking is different and she blindly supports her wrong son, so their destinations are different from hereon. He walks ahead. Kaku gets stuck in traffic and afraid calls Hassu.

Hassu rushes to her help. She says she is a mother and has to do it, a man has one life, but a woman has to live many lives and she cannot run away from her responsibilities. Kaku gets emotional. She emotionally hugs him. After sometime, he drops her near railway station and says he will drop her till platform. She says let her travel alone and walks a bit, then runs back and hugs him emotionally. They both part ways with teary eyes.

Precap: Kaku reaches Rohan’s house and hugs him happily. He says he has important work and leaves. His wife Chinnamma asks Kaku who is she. She says Kaku. Chinnamma asks if she is maid.