India Waali Maa 20th October 2020 Written Update: Rohan to start a business in Kaku’s name

India Waali Maa 20th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chinu feeding Kaku the paratha made by her, Kaku praises its taste but Chinu feels it’s not good and asks to taste it. Kaku says maybe the baby will not like the food. Chinu says she failed. Kaku tells her not to feel disheartened, she worked hard and made it, it’s a big thing.

Chinu asks then why she was feeling sad for not being able to help Rohan, she worked hard and still working. Kaku says but she isn’t able to find solution. Rohan comes and says he found investor and wants to start business on Kaku’s name, he brought the papers and asks her to sign.

Chinu asks how he found investor suddenly, Rohan says he was searching for investors for a long time when he finally found, she is having trust issues. He gives the file and asks her to check. He is starting a business on his mother’s name as his reputation is bad. He taunts Chinu to get the file verified by Mr. Perfect Akshay.

 Chinu gets angry and leaves. Kaku says she won’t sign now, she scolds him for spoiling the house atmosphere. She asks why is he bringing 3rd person between him and Chinu. Kaku tells him to pacify Chinu. She says when she and Hassu fight, he dances and pacifies her.

Rohan laughs. He goes to room and puts on music, he dances funnily and Chinu smiles, she asks what is he doing. He switches off music and says he can’t do this, don’t know how his father used to do it. He says he is trying to cool her anger.

Chinu calls him cute and she can’t even stay angry with him for long. He knows she loves him but last few days many things happened, he hid everything from her and didn’t share his issues. Rohan says he is sharing now.

He brought baby clothes and asks when is next appointment with doctor. He says he did many mistakes, but he wants to be best father. Chinu says everyone makes mistakes,  good thing is he realized them. She asks him not to break his mother’s trust this time. He nods.

Kaku is video chatting with Hassu. She says Rohan is starting business on her name, its a very proud feeling. Rohan comes and asks for Kaku’s signature. She tells Rohan to take his father’s blessings, she tells Hassu to bless Rohan. Hassu asks where is he making her sign.

Rohan says he is starting business on her name, obviously he needs her sign. He asks Hassu if he doesn’t take his words genuine and leaves angrily. Kaku asks Hassu why he spoke like that, Hassu says he didn’t feel good with bank people words. Kaku tells him not to compare his CID with real life, things don’t happen that way, she is tired of father-son fights. Hassu calms her down by dancing, Kaku laughs.

Rohan asks Kaku to sign, Chinu calls her business woman and encourages to sign. Kaku washes her hands, she asks whether to sign with black or blue pen. Rohan says anything is fine. Kaku asks whether to sign in Hindi or English. She is asking as everything is written in English.

Rohan says she can sign in Hindi also. Kaku says she knows English, she practices her sign on another paper and asks Chinu if spelling is correct. Rohan asks her to sign quickly, its not exam. Kaku says but its big deal and she wants to sign it patiently. She signs and Rohan gets emotional, Kaku assures him everything will go fine, they will repay loan within 6 months.

Murthy talks of sending Rohan, Kaku to jail with Sagar. He says Rohan shouldn’t doubt anything.