India Waali Maa 21st January 2021 Written Update: Kaku learns about Rohan’s construction business

India Waali Maa 21st January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with both couples dancing, Chinu asks Rohan if he is making Anand Nagar society people vacate their homes, Rohan says yes they are living illegally there. He isn’t doing anything illegal, Chinu says its insensitive. Rohan says he didn’t achieve anything with his parents values, she won’t understand it. Meenu sees them dancing and asks can they exchange partners. Meenu asks Rohan to dance, Meenu’s partner dances with Chinu and goes out in between on work. Chinu sees Meenu moving her hands on Rohan’s back while dancing, staring at him lovingly. She remembers Meenu confessing liking someone.

Kaku gives medicine to Hassu, he sees price and says these are very costly, how did she manage to buy them. Kaku says she got advance, she recalls selling pickle standing on road and lies that a shopkeeper tasted her pickle and said he will sell them packing in boxes. Hassu says in Bhuj, he never let any trouble near her, but now he has become burden on her. Kaku says he is not burden, there’s also her selfishness, the shop is very good, there is air conditioner and she enjoyed cool air sitting there. She has to go to shop daily for sometime, anyways she is bored sitting at home.

Murthy tells Rohan that Anand nagar society people came home and created ruckus, Rohan says cutting water supply isn’t enough, they will cut power next.

Chinu frankly asks Meenu if she likes Rohan, she noticed them dancing. Meenu asks if Chinu was honest about moving on from Rohan. Chinu asks how both are connected, Meenu says she will give honest answer depending on how honest her answer was. Chinu says she moved on, Meenu says she likes Rohan.

Kaku comes out as power is cut, society people badmouth Rohan for troubling them and curses his parents too, Kaku sees Rohan’s photo on a man’s phone and gets shocked to know he is doing all these.

Rohan sees Chinu quiet and offers her prasad, he says he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable with this drama of married couple. Its just for few days, she will leave after that.

Kaku calls Rohan, he says she called him after long time, she used to call him daily before, now she became like his father after going back. He says he is joking and asks her to bless him. He started new business, construction, he will get profits quickly. Kaku asks if he is doing right work, Rohan asks why they don’t trust him. He cuts the call. Kaku thinks she can’t tell all this to Hassu and prays to God to make everything fine.