India Waali Maa 21st October 2020 Written Update: Murthy plans to send Rohan, Kaku jail

India Waali Maa 21st October 2020 Written Update on

Hassu asks if Kaku signed as Kaushalya Gadvi or Kaku, she laughs and says she signed correctly. He says she became business woman today, she asks Hasmukh the business man to bless Kaushalya Gadvi, the business woman. Kaku hopes for Rohan to succeed, today is very auspicious, Navratri is starting tomorrow.

Hassu says she is not with him first time in festive season. He says handicraft exhibition is being organized like every year, he couldn’t collect enough money to book the stall, he has to borrow some money and asks if he can keep her jewelry as security for 3 days. Kaku hesitates and Hassu says he will look another way, Kaku says No, he asked her something for the first time, she will give, Tripti has her jewelry, she will ask Tripti to give jewelry to him. Kaku calls Tripti but she doesn’t lift call.

Sagar shows design samples to Rohan and they have to get 500 jackets made. Rohan asks to check with designer once, nowadays people sell fake label and its criminal offence. Sagar says its original design. Murthy calls Sagar and tells him to make sure Kaku stitches the cloth, their case will be strong. Sagar says work will be done and asks for more money, Murthy says he will get his amount soon.

Chinu talks to Akshay about job, she is inspired from Kaku to work, Kaku always thinks of ways to help Rohan. Akshay asks when she will join office, Chinu says she has to discuss with Rohan. Akshay asks what’s there to discuss, she has to have financial independence, she can’t afford to stay as Chinnamma Gadvi.

Kaku is tensed and Chinu asks what’s the matter. Kaku says Tripti, her neighbor at Bhuj is not lifting phone. Tripti calls Kaku and says she went to Bazaar, so didn’t attend the calls. She saw Hassu on the way, he asked for jewelry, she somehow managed the situation saying she gave jewelry for polishing. Kaku tells Tripti to return money to jeweler and take back jewelry. Tripti says jewelry might have been sold already its Navratri season, how can they get back. Tripti asks she sold them for her son, why does she want them back now, Kaku says Hassu needs help. Tripti says she is struck between helping husband and son. Kaku says they have to find a solution, she says Tripti always helped her and requests her to go to jeweler, what if her jewelry is as it is. Tripti says okay, she will go tomorrow morning. Kaku thanks her.

Tailor brings the jacket, Rohan says its not made well, tailor says he made it exactly seeing design and leaves angrily. Sagar says they won’t compromise with quality, he suggests to take Kaku’s help. She has full knowledge of stitching clothes. Rohan says he can’t do it, he already made his mother work a lot, if its one jacket he could have asked, but he can’t ask her to stitch 500 jackets. Sagar says they have to start the work from tomorrow by finding new tailor.

Murthy sees the food on dining table and asks if Meenu made them. Vasu says Akshay is coming for lunch, so she and Meenu cooked together. Akshay comes and apologizes for being late. Vasu says no problem, come and sit, Meenu made all the dishes today, new recipes. She asks to taste and tell how is it. Murthy and Akshay praise the taste.

Next day morning, Kaku worries why Tripti is not lifting phone. She sees Rohan going to office and asks he is leaving so early. He says there’s lot of work today. She tells to take Durga Ma blessings and go. She calls Chinu and explains her about Garba.