India Waali Maa 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Hassu learns about Kaku’s pickle business

India Waali Maa 22nd January 2021 Written Update on

Kaku sees people crying outside about losing their homes. Chinu calls Hassu and asks if its fine to call him Batuknath, she asks how is he, he says fine, she says he forgot her after going to Bhuj. He says she is not sounding fine, what happened. She says situation is such, she had a thing which she doesn’t like anymore, but she feels bad when some one else likes the thing. Hassu says it means she doesn’t realize how much she likes that thing.

Chinu says she is leaving everyone and going for internship, she is not understanding whether she is doing right or wrong. Hassu says if she is happy, it means she is doing right, if she isn’t happy, it means she is doing wrong. He sees Kaku lunch box and tells Chinu that he has to go out, he will call later. He says he felt good that she called before ending the call.

A lady asks Kaku how she made the pickle, Kaku explains her recipe in detail. Hassu goes out taking lunch box, neighbor sees him and remembers Kaku telling that Hassu shouldn’t know about her selling pickles on road. She stops Hassu and says she will go and give box to Kaku, he isn’t well, he should rest. She goes to Kaku and gives the box, Kaku says she forgot it at home, she says Hasmukh was about to come here to give this, she stopped him. But Hassu followed her with doubt, he sees Kaku standing in sun, selling pickle, she is struggling with knee pain.

Night, Rohan goes to sleep on Sofa, Chinu says he can sleep on bed.

Hassu tells the neighbor she lied enough, he knows everything, now she has to do as he tells and shows knife. Kaku is on the way to back home. She sees ladies crying and asks if she can help them, they say only money can help them which she also doesn’t have. Kaku goes home and sees Hassu cutting. vegetables. She asks what is he doing, he says in Bhuj, he used to be at shop whole day, she used to cook for him. Now she is working hard in sunlight, so he is cooking food for her.

Kaku lies that she sat in AC shop, so no tiredness. He says he saw everything, no need to lie now. Kaku says today shop has repair work, so she arranged them outside as she already prepared pickle. Hassu says he is proud her, no need to lie. Kaku smiles in relief and says people here are liking Bhuj special Chilli pickle, they can earn well and go to Bhuj after he gets cured. Hassu smiles and says he will get well soon.

Precap: Rohan tells Murthy they will get the land in one day, only a miracle can save them now. People gather in Anand nagar and Kaku tells them she got a big order for pickle, she can’t make it alone, they all have to work together.