India Waali Maa 22nd October 2020 Written Update: Kaku teaches Garba steps to Chinu

India Waali Maa 22nd October 2020 Written Update on

Kaku advises Rohan not to disappoint the person who is investing his hard-earned money on his business. She says to return money on time and maintain the trust. She tells him to note down all his expenditures in laptop like Hassu notes down expenses in register. Rohan says now he understood why Papa used to say community is important in business, Kaku asks why, he says he faced many ups and downs in business, finally Gujarati Mr. Patel is investing. Kaku wishes good for Patel.

Kaku thinks Shiji must have opened shop and is about to call Tripti, she gets call from Hassu. Hassu wishes her Happy Navratri, he tells her not to fast this time as her health is not good. He will fast on behalf of her. She says she will fast. He says okay both of them will fast. Kaku asks about Navratri stall, he says there’s time to it, he will go to Shiji bhai now to collect her jewelry which Tripti gave for polishing. Kaku gets tensed and says what is the need for him to go, Tripti will go na. He says depending on Tripti will delay the things. Call is ended.

Sagar tells Rohan that they have a rival, if they don’t give jackets on time, order will go to others. Rohan hopes the tailor to do well, he wishes to get a profit so that he can return Patel’s money.

Meenu is at Akshay’s cabin, Chinu calls to his office and Meenu talks like he is busy in meeting. Akshay comes and asks what is she doing here. She calls him workaholic, she is here to relax him, give him good company. Akshay calls Chinu and says she was supposed to call his office, Chinu asks if he is there, she heard he is busy in meeting, Akshay looks at Meenu and tells Chinu to ignore it, Meenu leaves embarrassed.

Chinu asks Kaku to teach her Garba dance, she is so eager to learn it. Kaku says she will teach another time and asks to leave her alone for sometime. Chinu is sad seeing Kaku’s mood, anger and leaves.

Kaku gets a call from Tripti’s phone, she says what if Hassu knows, Hassu asks what is she talking. Kaku says nothing, Hassu says he got ready to go to Shiji bhai but Tripti got the jewelry on time. Call is ended. Kaku feels sad for lying to Hassu, she cries.

Kaku hears Garba music, Chinu says she won’t leave her till her mood gets better. She cheers up Kaku and asks to teach Garba dance again, Kaku doesn’t agree, Chinu says she can’t deny her grand child. Kaku teaches few steps of Garba to Chinu. She is tired and Chinu says she is also hungry. Kaku asks what will she eat. Chinu asks for Methi ki sabzi and undhiyu. Kaku says they don’t have ingredients needed for undhiyu. They have to go to market and buy. She will make sandwich now and will go to market in the evening and cook undhiyu for dinner. Chinu says she will also help in kitchen. Kaku and Chinu go to market and buy vegetables. Kaku sees Patel and call him. She tells Chinu to go up, she will come soon.

Kaku comes to Rohan’s office and says she met Patel, she asked about investment and he denied. Sagar tries to manage the situation saying Patel wants to be a silent investor as Rohan’s image is bad in market. Kaku says she didn’t feel so.