India Waali Maa 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Murthy sees Kaku working with Chinu

India Waali Maa 23rd November 2020 Written Update on

Kaku sees Chandraprabha and asks if she called her or if Rohan didn’t lift her phone. She asks why does Kaku feel she always comes to take money, she came to wish Happy Diwali. Kaku wishes her happy diwali, happy new year. Gujarati’s celebrate new year after Diwali. Kaku says she has a good news, Rohan is trying to change in positive way, he is completing MBA.

Chandraprabha feels happy seeing happiness on Kaku face. Kaku says only 5 months are there to repay loan, Hassu will arrange half money, Rohan remaining half. Chandraprabha tells Kaku it will be difficult to pay huge amount, she advises Kaku to not leave Rohan’s side. Kaku invites her to come up their home, but Chandraprabha leaves as her son is waiting.

Kaku remembers how Akshay insulted Rohan, she sees Rohan hitting wall with book. She asks Rohan to calm down, not to take Akshay words to heart. Rohan says he is trying to put away cockroach, they both laugh. Rohan says he promised to not do bad with his life. He has to study now. Kaku also stays awake, she gives him milk. Chinu, Rohan remember their couple act and feel happy.

Balwinder asks Fawad why doesn’t he marry, Fawad says he wants a kid. Balwinder says he needs a partner for that, God won’t give him kid directly. Fawad says he don’t want girlfriend or wife, its fun to organise these events but he can’t go through all that process in real. He asks Balwinder if his wife cares for him or his kids.

He says kids love him but its not the case always, he sees Kaku and says they can get lovely partners too. Fawad funnily tells him not to think like that, her husband will come from Bhuj and hit him. Kaku comes there and asks for coffee, she is feeling sleepy as she was awake all night. Fawad teasingly asks what was she doing all night, talking romantics with her husband ? Balwinder tells him not to talk like that with Kaushalya ji.

Murthy comes to office and sees Kaku sleeping. He goes to Akshay’s cabin and asks what is Kaku doing here, Akshay says they hired her for a project, she is helping Chinu. Murthy tells him to call Chinu, Kaku here.

Murthy tells Kaku they pay employees for working, not sleeping, he says he is joking. Kaku says his joke is right, she is sorry for sleeping and she won’t repeat it again. Rohan was studying all night for exams, so she stayed awake. Chinu defends Kaku and they both leave. Murthy tells Akshay that Chinu is supporting Kaku even after so much happened.

Chinu and Kaku are working, Akshay comes and tells Chinu that her father is calling her.  He gives Diwali gift to Kaku, he also gives bonus, he says they don’t generally give bonus before 1 year, but she performed extraordinary, so he is giving. He tells Balwinder to get Kaku relieving letter ready, she will go after project ends.

Murthy asks Chinu why is she working with Kaku, she is doing job to start a new life. Chinu asks why did he come here, he says he wants to do Meenu marriage soon. Chinu asks is it necessary for elder sister to be married first, he must be marrying Meenu into a good family, they will understand.