India Waali Maa 23rd September 2020 Written Update: Chinu confronts her father

India Waali Maa 23rd September 2020 Written Update on

The sample made by Kaku gets approved. Rohan and Kaku become happy. Kaku calls Hassu and shares the good news. Hassu says Rohan must be thanking by hugging her. Kaku hears Rohan talking to Chinu on phone, he credits her for everything. She congratulates him, he says this is just beginning, they have to produce many samples and Mr. Patel will invest.

She says his investor is Meenu’s friend’s father and gets happy on this coincidence. He asks her to come home evening for dinner as a part of celebration. She hesitates and Rohan sees Kaku, he asks her to invite Chinu for dinner, she will listen to her words.

Kaku asks Chinu if she is happy, Chinu says yes, Kaku then asks her to come home, Rohan worked very hard for this and his courage will increase if she comes. Chinu says she will come. Rohan is happy and tells Sagar about party arrangements.

Chinu shares her happiness with Meenu and gets ready to go. She reminisces her moments with Rohan and wears the dress gifted by him. Meenu asks Chinu to thank Kaku on behalf of her.

Mr Patel comes and thanks Murthy for helping him. Murthy says no need to thank, they all including Shetty belong to same business community, he is happy to help, he recently saved Shetty from investing in wrong person. Patel asks who is that wrong person. Murthy says Rohan Gadvi.

Chinu hears all this. Patel says he is gonna invest in Rohan’s business and asks Murthy how does he know Rohan. Chinu comes and says Rohan is her baby’s father. She asks Patel if she can talk privately with her father. Patel leaves. Murthy scolds Chinu for insulting him in front of Patel.

Chinu asks why he is spoiling Rohan’s business. She was wrong to trust him. Rohan said he was creating obstacles for him, but she believed him over Rohan. She can’t stay here anymore, she is leaving. Murthy says Rohan won’t get any investor in Bangalore. Chinu goes out and falls down, broken pot sound is heard.

Kaku and Rohan feel outside food isn’t good for pregnant Chinu. Kaku says she will prepare food and Rohan will take care of decorations. Kaku sees there are very less groceries in kitchen. She calls to a store for ordering, she says address, shopkeeper asks is it Rohan Gadvi’s house.

He says they are yet to pay previous month’s bill 20,000 Rs. He won’t give them any new groceries. Kaku is worried, she sees Rohan happily arranging balloons. She thinks to prepare food with the available things. Kaku and Rohan wait for Chinu, Rohan calls her and Meenu, no one lift the calls. Rohan gets a call, Chinu is at hospital. Rohan gets tensed and goes to hospital along with Kaku.

Vasu is crying, she can’t became mother. She feels sad hearing about Chinu’s abortion. Rohan asks Chinu to wake up, she is unconscious. Meenu says Chinu’s condition isn’t good. Doctor asked to choose one life between baby and mother.