India Waali Maa 25th September 2020 Written Update: Mr. Patel backs off from investment

India Waali Maa 25th September 2020 Written Update on

Hassu makes Kaku hear the song she asked by keeping phone infront of radio. Both go in nostalgia reminiscing their moments.

Rohan asks receptionist if he can pay security deposit later as he will stay in hospital only along with patient. She asks to pay atleast 10,000 rupees now. Rohan thinks how to pay the bill and calls Mr Patel. Patel says he is about to call Rohan, but he only called. He says he can’t invest anymore as there’s a problem. Rohan asks if the problem name is Murthy.

Patel says yes, Rohan thanks him for at least considering to invest. Patel says he should pay Kaku for cooking in his daughter’s function. Rohan says she cooked out of affection and not for money. Patel says he would have paid caterer, he will pay Kaku in same way and tells Rohan to check his balance. Rohan gets a message that money is transferred. He emotionally sees Kaku who sat on the bench and uses the money to clear hospital bill.

Murthy explains Vasu that he didn’t do anything wrong. Vasu gets emotional about not becoming mother. Murthy tells her not to remind him again, he remembers how much money he wasted in her treatments. She cries. He consoles that its fine if she couldn’t give him child, she can help him in other ways.

Chinu, Rohan, Kaku come home. Kaku waives off evil eye from the couple. They take Kaku blessings, Kaku asks Chinu not to bend. Chinu gets happy seeing the decoration, Kaku says Rohan did it all on his own and praises him, she signals Rohan to praise her as she helped him.

Rohan asks why is she talking childish and takes whole credit of decoration. Kaku asks them to eat, Rohan says he ate in hospital and Chinu says she is not hungry. Kaku asks her not to call aunty and says to call her Kaku. Chinu says okay and everyone have a laugh. Rohan, Chinu go to their room, Chinu says she missed this place, Rohan asks her to close eyes and brings guitar.

Chinu sings a song. Rohan claps for her. Chinu says she felt humiliated at her father’s house, she says she doesn’t want to feel low again and asks Rohan if he will succeed this time. Rohan assures her.

Morning, Kaku is talking to Chandraprabha on phone, she says Rohan started new office and got an order, he will pay her money soon. She asks for sometime. Rohan is talking to grocery shopkeeper that he will clear the bill soon and scolds not to irritate him by calling again and again.

Rohan tells Kaku not to open door for anyone, she asks again ?? She just now spoke to Chandraprabha. Door bell rings, Kaku sees from peephole that its neighbour Chandrika, she opens the door. Chandrika asks for some sugar. Kaku goes to bring it. Chinu comes down and greets Chandrika, grocery shopkeeper comes and calls Rohan, Chinu asks him to talk with respect, he says Rohan is not paying last month’s bill even though he is living in such big house.

Rohan comes there and gets embarrassed. He says today is Monday, he will pay by Wednesday, 2 days. Shop owner leaves. Kaku comes there with sugar, Chandrika says no need, she will manage and leaves.

Chinu gets upset and says she knows her father isn’t letting anyone invest in his business, but he promised to make everything fine. She goes to her room sadly. Rohan asks Kaku why she opened door, Kaku tells him to talk with respect.

Vasu is talking to Mrs Patel, she says they did good by not investing in Rohan. Mrs Patel thanks her as they almost were about to transfer investment money, but stopped at last moment and only paid the due amount. Vasu asks why did they pay, she says Rohan’s mother cooked at their function, Vasu says but she cooked as helping, she asks if Rohan accepted money. Mrs Patel says yes, may be he loves his mother and doesn’t want her to get upset knowing this, he took money instead of her. Vasu says may be he needs money.