India Waali Maa 26th January 2021 Written Update: Kaku gets a big order for thepla, pickle

India Waali Maa 26th January 2021 Written Update on

Kaku asks Hassu how dog entered inside, she tells him not to fear and talk to it lovingly. She tells him to take deep breaths and remember Rohan’s childhood. He talks to dog sweetly and sends it out. Kaku comes inside and Hassu closes the door fearing dog will come again. Kaku laughs saying its small puppy. She says today went waste, if it goes like this, she has to end the business.

Hassu asks why, Kaku says a lady asked her pickle recipe and she told it in detail, lady started selling similar pickle affecting her sales. Hassu says first rule in business is to keep the formula secret. People copied her means her dish has matter. Kaku says she made mistake trusting that lady, here everyone are competitors.

Hassu advises her to make a combination and sell. Kaku sells thepla + pickle. Many people buy it as breakfast. Rival lady sees it and gets jealous. A business man gets impressed with Kaku dishand asks if she cooked this at home or bought from somewhere. Kaku says she made it at home. He gives her a order, Kaku agrees and accepts advance. She tells the same to Hassu, he congratulates her and presses her legs.

Neighbor comes and jokes her legs are also paining. Kaku offers her to eat but she denies and shows a prayer organized by society people. Kaku says she earned some money and asks if she can help. Neighbor says they need 5 lakhs, small amount doesn’t work. Kaku asks if these people don’t have other homes like that of son, daughter where they can go and live.

Neighbor says most of people here are abandoned by their children. Kaku prays to God and asks to show her a way to help these people. She gets a call from business man who says deadline is advanced and they need pickle, thepla in 1 day, not 1 week. Kaku agrees, she goes to stage and greets everyone introducing herself.

She says people here live as family, she saw they are struggling for money. She also made a mistake like them, putting all the hard earned money on children forgetting about themselves. She is selling thepla, pickle at Ramchandra market. She got a big order today, she can’t complete it alone, she needs their help, they will get advance and more money as they complete the order. A lady asks why they should work with her, she is outsider, they will deal this problem themselves.

Chinu asks Rohan if he likes anyone. He asks if she won’t have any problem if he likes. She says they have moved on, so he can like. He asks her to find someone exactly like her, then he will see.