India Waali Maa 27th January 2021 Written Update: Kaku and society ladies earn money by cooking

India Waali Maa 27th January 2021 Written Update on

Kaku, Hassu and Laxmi arrange roti roll pans, masala. Kaku says she got all these in 20,000, she got 30,000 advance, so she still has 10,000. Hassu says all this is fine, but society people didn’t come yet. Laxmi says she will go and call them, Kaku says she showed a way, now its their wish to walk on it or not.

Meenu serves breakfast to Rohan, he says no need. Murthy comes and asks he woke early, Rohan says its last day of contract, the land will be his in 24 hours. Murthy says he is proud of Rohan.

Many women come to work and a lady apologizes to Kaku for calling her outsider. Kaku thought about them in trouble times, even family members won’t think much. They all pray and start cooking. Kaku calls contractor and informs 20 boxes are ready, if they can send anyone to collect them.

Chinu calls Hassu and says she and Rohan decided to move on, Rohan asked her to find a girl similar to her. Hassu says how is it possible, she is unique and lovely, there can’t be anyone else like her. Rohan is unlucky to leave her, Chinu says its her decision, its not Rohan’s mistake. Hassu says first thing in love is to defend each other.

Meenu tells Chinu that Rohan’s mood is off and asks what lifts his mood, she promised to help her. Chinu gives her idea. Meenu goes to Rohan and says dance lifts the mood and puts on old song, both dance and have fun. Chinu sees them dancing and feels sad. Meenu says she knows why his mood was off, he is tensed about making people vacate their houses, she says he can do it and puts her hand on his, he removes it uncomfortably.

Rohan calls and says he needs bulldozer ready on time tomorrow, he doesn’t want to waste even a minute tomorrow.

Kaku pays 40,000 to officer and says they will pay remaining amount soon. Officer calls Murthy and says they can’t make people vacate as they paid some money, Murthy tells him to do something, he will get unthinkable money. Rohan says now they can’t do anything, but officer says nothing will change with 40,000, they have to pay minimum 1,00,000.

Rohan says its illegal, officer says its Murthy sir order. Laxmi and others protest. Inside Hassu tells they should go out, Kaku stops him as she doesn’t want Hassu to see Rohan. Kaku says Kumar bhaisaab will manage. Kumar requests Rohan but he stays silent. Bulldozer is about to start.

Precap: Rohan gets shocked to see Kaku, Kaku challenges them and says they will pay 1 lakh in a day. Hassu sees Rohan.