India Waali Maa 27th October 2020 Written Update: Rohan gets emotional seeing sonography reports

India Waali Maa 27th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hassu telling Rohan to send back Kaku home. Rohan says he will book the tickets and will inform him as soon as they are confirmed, Hassu says thank you and ends the call. Kaku tells Rohan he should have talked peacefully. He emotionally says her husband always feels like he is using her even when he asked for help in childhood as if he doesn’t care for her. Kaku cries thinking Hassu calls Rohan her son, Rohan calls Hassu her husband. Kaku tells Rohan that Chinu didn’t come yet, may be she is waiting for them at home, they shall leave home.

Kaku, Rohan are at home and wonder where is Chinu. Chinu comes home and asks Kaku how was her first day at office, Kaku says it went well. Kaku asks where was she, why didn’t she come to office. Chinu says she was about to come to office, door bell rings and interrupts their conversation. Rohan goes to open the door. Delivery boy calls for Chinnamma Gowda, Chinu says her name is Chinnamma Gadvi. He gives sonography report saying her husband Akshay Gowda sent these.

Rohan is shocked, Chinu says Akshay is not her husband and collects the reports. Rohan goes away. Chinu shows the reports to Kaku and Kaku spots the baby on report, she went to sonography sessions of Tripti relatives and doctors made them understand these. Chinu is happy seeing the baby so small. She says she will make Rohan’s favourite sweet and show the reports to him. She also has to share an important news with him.

Sagar sees the pics and calls Murthy. He says he wanted to send Rohan and his mother out of Bangalore, proofs are ready to execute the plan.

Rohan is not lifting Chinu’s calls, she and Kaku wonder where Rohan is. Chinu says Rohan is giving silent treatment to her, she knows where the problem is. She sits at home and doesn’t do any work. No one respects her, values her decisions, everyone calls her out including her father and sister. That’s why she decided to do job in Akshay’s company. Kaku says its good news, Chinu asks if she doesn’t have problem with it. She is going to work for a person whom her son can’t tolerate for 2 minutes. Kaku says if Rohan is her son, she is her daughter. Chinu gets emotional and happy.

Rohan comes home in the night, he sees sonography report on table and takes it out lovingly. Kaku comes and says baby’s eyes are exactly like his. Rohan asks where does she see eyes in this small image. Kaku tells him to see from her eyes, everything is visible. She describes baby’s features.

Rohan asks Kaku if he would become good father, he knows there’s a long time but he can feel the love. Kaku says he wants to make baby and baby’s mother happy, if he understood now how much his father loves him. Rohan sleeps in Kaku’s laps and she assures him everything will be first class, she tells him about Chinu’s job, but he already slept.

Vasu scolds servants about dal, Murthy says she spends all day in kitchen, servant matters and doesn’t care what happens in outer world. He says Rohan and Kaku started new business. She says its good news, she will bring sweets. Murthy scolds her if she is stupid or acts stupid in front of him. Rohan who made his mother work as maid won’t possibly do business in righteous way. Vasu agrees and says she will meet Kaku and find out what they are doing.