India Waali Maa 28th January 2021 Written Update: Hassu learns about Rohan being a builder

India Waali Maa 28th January 2021 Written Update on

Kaku tells officer that if society men went out for work, it doesn’t mean they will do as per their wish, they women won’t let that happen. She stands in front of bulldozer and says they will get 1 lakh in a day. All ladies stand with Kaku. Officer says they don’t know with whom they are picking up fight. Kaku sees Rohan and says she knows. Officer says they won’t listen like that and tells the workers to move them. Rohan says no one will lay hands on her. Hassu comes out and sees them. Rohan and team leave giving them 1 day time. Society ladies appreciate Kaku, she made them believe they can also do something. They will listen to her whatever she says.

Rohan remembers talking to Kaku after he thought they went to Bhuj. Murthy asks what happened. Rohan narrates everything leaving out info about his mother. Murthy asks how the people became so brave suddenly when they did nothing in many years, he asks if someone is helping them from behind. Chinu hears them from stairs. Officer says a lady stood in front of bulldozer and influenced people. Rohan says he found about lady, she is one among basti people, nothing to worry about, there are many people in protest. Murthy says he can handle in his way if Rohan is unable to do this. Rohan says he will handle it, it may take some days but he will do it.

Hassu is packing clothes, Kaku stops him. He says he doesn’t want to stay here anymore, he doesn’t want to get involved in Rohan’s business. Kaku says she knows it from before that Rohan is builder, but she didn’t tell him as he will behave like this. Hassu says they don’t have any relation with Rohan, she worked hard to bring him on good way, but he didn’t. Kaku says she wants to teach lesson to Rohan, Hassu asks if she will be able to it, she always defended Rohan’s mistakes. Kaku says they can’t leave basti people in trouble, she always respected his decisions.

Chinu sees Rohan angry and jokes that he got afraid of basti women. He says he is not darpok, he is a son who couldn’t run bulldozer over his mother. Chinu gets shocked and apologizes to him for provoking him. She wanted to know what he was hiding from Appa. He asks how does she know that he is hiding. She says she knows him this much, she knows when he is stressed. He says she only told Meenu which song lifts his mood.

Kaku gets back few thepla boxes, shopkeeper sold many and sent back remaining. Hassu says they have to look for a buyer.

Chinu, Rohan talk about Kaku, Hassu not going to Bhuj. Rohan says he fears how Murthy will treat his mother after knowing truth. Chinu asks if she can help him in any way.

Chinu comes to basti and asks Laxmi about Kaku. Chinu sees Kaku walking carrying heavy bags.