India Waali Maa 28th September 2020 Written Update: Kaku to cook at Hegde’s house

India Waali Maa 28th September 2020 Written Update on

Kaku feels sad after Rohan scolding her for spoiling things between him and Chinu. Chinu sees her teary eyed and lovingly says she is hungry, Kaku happily asks what will she eat and both go to kitchen.

Rohan and Sagar call few investors but no one agree to give loan. Rohan shares his problems with Sagar, he has many bills to clear, house rent, car emi, grocery bill etc. He somehow cleared hospital bill as Patel paid him for his mother’s cooking. Rohan gets a call but he declines it without seeing.

The person calls Sagar and asks if he is Rohan’s manager, he says Rohan is busy as they are thinking the person called for money. She introduces herself as Mrs Hegde, she just needs a minute. Sagar tells Rohan to talk as she is very rich and may invest, Rohan asks how can he help her, she needs his mother Kaku’s help. They have a house party and want Kaku to cook. She offers 15,000 Rs. Rohan hesitates, she tells him to take time and ask his mother.

Chinu and Kaku are eating, Chinu says may be she should do a job, it will help Rohan. Kaku tells her to handle pregnancy first, she can do a job after baby is born. Chinu asks is it worth, doing so much for baby before and after child’s birth, dedicating whole life for them.

She asks Kaku if it doesn’t feel bad when Rohan talks rudely with her. Kaku suddenly gets up and says about a mannat she took for baby, she brings lord krishna idol and gives it to Chinu, she says to hold it for one hour and not to move. She will go out to bring necessities for Bhog to offer God after mannat.

 Mother or grandmother, anyone can do mannat. Kaku leaves, she chats with watchman and goes up after one hour. Chinu is holding the idol even though her hand is paining. She says there’s no mannat and laughs. She did it to make Chinu realize about mother’s heart. Chinu agrees with her, a mother can do anything for her child.

Sagar convinces Rohan to agree, he calls Mrs Hegde, Rohan says Kaku will cook but asks for 25,000 Rs. She says its too much and agrees to give 20,000 Rs, but she has to clean kitchen after cooking. Rohan agrees.

 She says many high profile people will come to party and Kaku has to be on time. Rohan is sad, he is guilty for sending his mother to cook at other’s home. He thinks how to tell this to Kaku, Sagar tells him a way.

Kaku is cooking, Rohan comes, she says she is making his favourite curry, he back hugs her. He apologizes for talking rudely in the morning. He says she loves him a lot but his friend’s mother doesn’t love him. Kaku says No, all mothers love their kids, just way of expressing love is different.

He says his friend became a fan of her cooking after tasting breakfast made by her. They are very rich and have a house party and want her to help them with cooking, but he didn’t agree. Kaku asks why he didn’t agree, she will cook, she doesn’t have any problem.

 Rohan says he can’t send her to anyone’s home like that for cooking. She says his friend circle will increase and he may find investor there, she will go and cook. Rohan feels happy.

Rohan takes Kaku to Hegde’s house. She asks what’s the need to take car on rent, they could have come in Auto. He says its the minimum he can do for her. She sees that house is very big and feels she should have worn new Saree.

 Rohan says she is looking good. He asks her to not talk about investing, it won’t look nice. He tells her to stay in kitchen only, he will come and pick her after she finishes cooking. She asks him to come inside, he says what will he do in ladies party, his friend is also not there.