India Waali Maa 29th January 2021 Written Update: Chinu stands with Kaku

India Waali Maa 29th January 2021 Written Update on

Chinu smiles seeing Kaku and waves her hand, Kaku comes towards her and praises her to be pretty in Saree, Chinu hugs her emotionally. Kaku asks how she became so thin, Chinu says its because she didn’t eat her handmade food. Kaku introduces Chinu as her daughter to Laxmi and neighbors.

Kaku gives Laxmi money to bring sweets for her daughter and basti. Laxmi hesitates as she knows Kaku has less money, Kaku says she has money, she used money for buying groceries. Laxmi says she will bring tea and thepla. Chinu tells Kaku they have to talk, Kaku gets chairs placed and they sit and talk. Chinu asks Kaku why she hid the matter of Hassu getting stroke. They had spat with Rohan, not her. Kaku says she was very tensed when Hassu fell down, she called Rohan and Chinu, but didn’t connect.

Later, when Hassu condition is stable, she thought why to make Chinu worried as she is happy of getting internship. Chinu tells her to move into the flat where she lived, its notice period is still going on. Kaku says Rohan sent her to tell this right. Chinu nods. Kaku tells her to come aside and shows ladies making theplas. She says till yesterday they all were sad and afraid of losing homes, they are smiling now in the hope of earning money and saving homes. Two women praise Kaku for teaching them how to make theplas and showing a way to earn.

A small girl asks Kaku not to leave, she is afraid of bulldozer coming again. Kaku shows the roti roller to girl and tells not be afraid and show this to them. They all chant ‘Jai Kaku’. Chinu also joins the chants. Chinu smiles and says she is seeing this Kaku for first time, the Kaku she knew always was in worry of Rohan, but now she is not just mother to Rohan, she is mother of all kids here. Rohan calls Chinu and she goes aside to talk. Chinu laughs and he asks the reason, she says life felt meaningless past few days, now she found a meaning. She made a decision, she is with Kaku in this fight to support basti people.

She says his father got a stroke and was in the hospital, Rohan gets shocked and asks why his mother didn’t tell him. Chinu tells him to think himself, to realize his parent’s value. Rohan says in this condition, his father shouldn’t live there. Chinu says it’s better to live in a place where one is respected.

Kaku brings Chinu inside their home, Hassu is sleeping. Chinu wakes up Hassu and fakes being angry as they didn’t share their problems. She shares her every small problem with them, but they hid such a big matter. Kaku tells Chinu they have to arrange 70,000 rupees. Chinu asks what’s their USP, everyone makes theplas and pickles, but they make a special combo, Kaku says thepla tastes good with chilli pickle. Chinu says its instant food, food on the go, she praises their idea.