India Waali Maa 29th October 2020 Written Update: Akshay bribes manager to finalize the deal

India Waali Maa 29th October 2020 Written Update on

Chinu packs her bag, Kaku asks how was her first day at office, she says it was fine, she has to go out of the town tomorrow for work. Rohan asks why is she telling now, she can call tomorrow and say she is not in Bangalore like she informed him about job after joining. Chinu says its unfair, she tried a lot to tell him, but he isn’t ready to talk to her as soon as he heard Akshay’s name. He says Akshay meets her and she also goes to meet him, isn’t it enough that she joined his office to spend more time with him.

Chinu asks if its what he thinks, she is feeling useless sitting at home, she wants to feel the satisfaction Kaku feels after working. Suddenly she gets stomach pain and Rohan asks if she is fine, Chinu says baby is fine but she is not. She says they used to be very happy unlike now, she wonders if its right to bring their baby in these circumstances.

Murthy talks to Sagar that once their label is printed in jackets, case will be done, it should be over before Dussehra. Vasu asks what he is talking, he covers it up saying business deal has to happen before Dussehra. Vasu says Rohan copied Venky label design. She went to his fashion show, he is Mrs Kumar nephew and very famous. Vasu says she should inform it to Chinu, Murthy says Chinu won’t believe them, they need to show proofs at right time.

Chinu asks Kaku if she woke up so early. Kaku gives her tiffin box and tells her to eat on the way and suggests Chinu to tell driver to go slow for baby’s safety.

Rohan wakes up and sees a letter and reads out Chinu’s message. It says she might have joined the job while he is reading letter. He must have wondered why she is working in Akshay’s office and why not any other place. Its because she is not brave yet to come out of her protective web and work amidst strangers. Akshay knows her and she knows him, he is her childhood bestfriend nothing more. She loves only him. Rohan feels happy.

Chinu is in car with Akshay, he asks if she will eat anything, she denies. He goes out. Rohan calls Chinu and asks if she ate, she happily says she will eat. He says love you and he is waiting for her and baby to return. She says love you too. She gets out and runs to Akshay and says she wants strawberry milkshake, sandwich, he asks what happened suddenly, she says she is suddenly hungry.

At office, Rohan gives Kaku the box of their company logos to stitch them on jackets. Sagar silently exchanges the box with other similar box.

Vasu calls Venky and says someone is misusing his designs and they have proof. Later, she invites Kaku for Dussehra Puja. Kaku asks Rohan why he is dull ever since Vasu mentioned Chinu’s name. Rohan says she didn’t call him whole day. Kaku video calls Chinu.

Chinu is giving presentation to clients. Akshay bribes the manager to finalize the deal. Kaku says Chinu might be busy, she will call after seeing missed call. She calls Rohan egoist, he says he met Chinu first time because of ego. Kaku asks him to narrate his love story.