India Waali Maa 29th September 2020 Written Update: Kaku gets shocked on knowing the truth

India Waali Maa 29th September 2020 Written Update on

Watchman asks Kaku to wait for some time, Kaku says her rose scent will go off in sweat while waiting. She gives him phone and asks to click her pics, he asks why is she standing in attention pose, he asks her to smile a bit. After taking pics, she asks him to go to contacts and search for Tripti name, she tells to send these pics to her.

Tripti is her neighbor in Bhuj and her phone is with Hassu. Watchman gets a call and he tells Kaku to go inside and asks her bag for checking. She says this is not railway station or so, its just a house, why to check. He says they have to check, its their job. She gives the bag.

Hassu video calls her and praises her beauty. She says she came to Rohan’s friends house to help with cooking. She says this house is so big and shows it to him. He asks why is she always cooking in Rohan’s friends houses, he asks if everything is fine. She says everything is fine, its common in Bhuj to help with making pickles, papad. Rohan has goodwill here, everyone treat her with respect as Rohan’s mother.

Hassu still feels something weird. He tells her to tight earring, it became loose. She thanks him and puts earrring properly. He asks her to learn taking selfies and become Atmanirbar. She asks why, so that no one can click her pics. They disconnect call and Kaku goes inside. She admiringly sees the house and feels Rohan is showing all this grandeur to her. She sees flower vases and takes a flower to keep in her hair.

Mrs Hegde comes and says flower is expensive. Kaku says its beautiful too and apologizes, she places back the flower. Mrs Hegde tells Kaku she is late by 1 hour, her guests are on the way, will she be able to manage. Kaku says everything will be done, your 2-3 friends will cut vegetables, she will make Kachori and all.

Mrs Hegde asks why will her friends cut vegetables, Kaku asks if they won’t help, okay its fine, she will manage everything. Mrs Hegde calls a man and tells him to show kitchen to Kaku. They go to kitchen and the man asks Kaku’s phone, she can take phone after her work is finished. She asks why, he says clicking pics is not allowed.

Chinu asks Rohan why does he talk rudely with Kaku, she is so sweet and supportive. He says she is interfering too, she makes simple things complicated. He says its good her mother is not here, otherwise..he apologizes immediately realising his mistake. Chinu says they don’t discuss much about her mother, but she misses her everyday, she always thinks what if her mother is alive, she would also be supporting her. There’s a saying we don’t value things we have. She asks him to value his mother, he is lucky to have her. She asks about grocery bill, today is Wednesday. He says money will be arranged.

Vasu sees Kaku cooking and tasting food to see if its perfect or not. Vasu comes and talks to her, Kaku asks to talk with respect as both are guests here. She says Mrs Hegde son is Rohan’s friend, so she came here to help with cooking. Vasu asks if Rohan told her like this. Kaku tells her to talk clearly.

Vasu tells her to come inside. Kaku tells her to go, she will come. Kaku arranges her Saree properly and goes to hall. She sees everyone playing Tabola. She feels bored, they would play with much joy in Bhuj. Vasu asks her to show their way of playing. Kaku says it won’t look good, their house, their way of playing. Vasu tells her not to think like that and just play. Kaku announces numbers in entertaining way but guests don’t like it.

Mrs Hegde scolds her and sends her to kitchen. Kaku is hurt and wants to leave. Mrs Hegde scolds her for embarrassing in front of guests. Servants take advantage if they talk politely. Kaku says servant word is not wrong, everyone work, but she came here to help and she doesn’t want money. Mrs Hegde says she is paying Rohan for her cooking. Vasu is shooting all this from her mobile.