India Waali Maa 2nd October 2020 Written Update: Kaku teaches cooking to Chinu

India Waali Maa 2nd October 2020 Written Update on

Chinu tells sorry to Kaku as it all happened because of her, she scolded Rohan and he came home drunk. Kaku says we don’t realize sweetness of honey unless we taste bitterness, it applies in life too.

Hers and Hassu’s life has been like that, half sadness, half happiness, otherwise life will be boring. Chinu praises her to be different. Kaku goes to make breakfast but Chinu stops her, she asks Kaku to be her cooking coach today, she will make Rohan’s favorite and apologize him.

 Kaku praises Chinu, Rohan found best partner, even she wouldn’t be able to find such a good girl for him. Kaku tells her to make Gobi pakoda. Chinu takes out 2 Gobi from fridge. Kaku tells her to wash them. She washes under tap, Kaku tells her to add salt in hot water and put Gobi in them as Gobi has many germs.

Chinu lights the flame and Kaku wishes her as its her first time. Chinu puts Gobi dipped in Besan in oil, Kaku removes it and tells Chinu to wait till oil is heated. Chinu says her father never let them do household works, he took us to board meetings instead. Kaku says this thinking is wrong, whether its boy or girl, they have to know all works, household and office. 

Chinu says she is right, she never thought in this way, she will make her child all rounder whether its boy or girl. Chinu asks if oil is boiled, Kaku says its not water to boil, oil will become hot, Chinu makes pakoda.

Rohan goes out without meeting Kaku or Chinu. Chinu says Rohan never went out without telling her, she knows she made a mistake, but why is he behaving like this. Kaku tells Chinu to go to her father’s meeting. Rohan also has an important meeting with India wali maa.

Rohan is at Sagar’s place, he doesn’t have any place to go, owner is at office and he can’t face Chinu at home. Sagar gets him drinks. Kaku comes there and says she has lot of problems in her life, she will also drink. Rohan asks what is she doing. Kaku hits him with hockey stick. She lectures him and he says sorry. She tells him to make a list of all debts.

She asks how much they have to pay Chandraprabha, she forgot. Rohan says 1, Sagar says 2. Kaku doubtfully asks 1 or 2, Rohan says 1 lakh. She says they will work together and sort everything. She says he got such a good life partner, Chinu is worried and wished to make his breakfast.  Rohan says he won’t drink from now on.

Chinu is at her father’s place, she says she came for her grand father sake, he isn’t between them, but its his company and she respects it. She knows value of relations. Murthy says he is worried, does she know what happened in board meeting, he makes her listen the audio. People ask if Rohan will be one of share holder, he is a fraud, cheater. Chinu gets angry. Murthy says she is upset hearing it few minutes, imagine his situation.

Sagar asks Rohan he said 1 lakh instead of 2 crores, how will he pay the loan. Rohan says household expenses can be managed by his mother’s cooking but he has to do something for loan.