India Waali Maa 3rd September 2020 Written Update: Chinu doesn’t want Kaku to stay in their home

India Waali Maa 3rd September 2020 Written Update on

Kaku tells Chinnamma that she is Rohan’s mother. Chinnamma tells sorry and says she didn’t know that Rohan’s mom is coming, even Rohan didn’t inform her. Kaku says its okay and praises that she kept house neat and clean and hugs her. Chinnamma feels awkward and says she can call her Chinu, in fact all her friends and dear ones call her Chinu. Chinnamma says she will show her room. Kaku picks her bags. Chinnamma says they are very heavy, how did she carry them till here. Kaku says they are not that heavy.

Chinnamma takes her to store room and says this is her room, sorry it is very untidy with things all around. Kaku says it is very big for her and her bags will fit somewhere here easily. She gifts her Bhuj’s wedding saree. Chinnamma says she doesn’t know how to wear it. Kaku dorns saree on her. Chinnamma is not pleased and walks away telling her to call her if she needs anything.

Rohan is in a business meeting and tries to convince investor to invest in his business, but investor doesn’t get impressed with the idea. Chinnamma calls him. Rohan excuses saying family call, family is important. Chinnamma shouts why didn’t he inform her that his mother is coming here. Rohan says he forgot in shifting. Chinnamma continues being angry.

Kaku enters Chinnamma’s room and offers her Bhuj’s famous sweet Gulabpak saying Rohan used to love it in childhood. Chinnamma asks her to keep it aside, she will have it later, and asks her to knock the door first before coming inside from next time. Kaku feels sad and goes away.

Kaku then calls Hassu and tells him that she got a big room in Rohan’s big duplex flat. She says their son is a big man now and Hassu’s sacrifice paid off, now they both can live a retired peaceful life in his son’s house, etc. Chinnamma gets irritated hearing her talks. Kaku then cooks food for Rohan. Chinnamma feels more irritated hearing pressure cooker and utensil sounds. Kaku waits for Rohan till late night. Rohan returns home late.

Kaku wakes up and says she prepared food for him, Chinnamma told she is not hungry, but she will keep some food for her. Rohan says he already finished dinner and walks to his room asking her to eat her food. He enters room and sees Chinnamma angry. Chinnamma says she went to her father to seek help for Rohan, but her father insulted her and said Rohan is a loser. Rohan says its okay as he is her father. Chinnamma shouts how can he be so calm, she can’t be like him, he even hid the fact that Kaku is coming here to stay with them.

Kaku feels shocked hearing Chinnamma calling her name. Rohan asks if she has a problem if his mother stays with them. Chinnamma says she doesn’t like to live in joint family and can’t tolerate saas bahu drama. Kaku shatters hearing that and walks down to dining table weeping. Hassu calls her and asks if she fed her son’s favorite food. Kaku says he licked his fingers. Hassu asks if she is fine. Kaku says yes and acts.

Precap: Rohan asks Chinnamma where is maa. Chinnamma says she must be somewhere here. Rohan asks if maa heard their last night’s conversation and left home.