India Waali Maa 4th January 2021 Written Update: Rohan learns the truth about Batuknath

India Waali Maa 4th January 2021 Written Update on

Rohan apologizes Chinu for the instances he blamed her, he should have supported when she lost baby, instead he accused her. He realized it while working on maternity fashion wear project, mothers can do anything for babies, he remembers accusing Chinu with Akshay and says he doesn’t know if she will ever forgive him. Chinu tells him to think if he misunderstood any others in his life, she tells him to accept openheartedly whatever is going to happen, Rohan asks what’s gonna happen.

Chinu congratulates employees for the project and credits Kaushalya specially. They all cheer for the event. Fawad comes and tells there’s a problem, models didn’t reach yet. Rohan asks if he is saying it now, Fawad says they are constantly keeping updates, models were on the way. Rohan calls manager and asks why models didn’t come yet, its so unprofessional of them, event is about to start. Manager says they got call from Rohan’s office that event is delayed by 2 hours. Rohan gets shocked and tells to keep the models ready, he is coming to pick them.

Clients and investors come, event announcement happens. Keerti tells Chinu that they have to start the event, it doesn’t look good to keep people waiting. Chinu gets an idea and calls Batuknath ji to come there. She tells him and Kaku to walk as showstoppers. Kaku says Rohan isn’t here and they should do it. Chinu tells Keerti to get the clothes altered for Kaku, Batuknath.

Clients get angry and are about to leave, but they stop seeing Kaku, Hassu walking the ramp. Rohan also comes with models and sees his parents. Models walk the ramp and Chinu, Rohan are getting ready to walk the ramp. Rohan asks Chinu if she knows it before, Chinu says she got to know it few hours back. Rohan, Chinu walk the ramp.

Client appreciates the event and says he got to know they had last minute problems and event wouldn’t have happened, but it happened successfully due to man Bhatuknath. Rohan looks at his father.