India Waali Maa 5th January 2021 Written Update: Rohan reconciles with his parents

India Waali Maa 5th January 2021 Written Update on

Kaku talks to ladies, they say they can’t come back to Anand Nagar, its not their land now. Kaku says she will stay at Anand Nagar only, she won’t accept defeat, she will make theplas, pickle and sell by going to every house. Its their land, how can anyone come and say its not their place. Goon hears them and calls Murthy and tells Kaku is not leaving Anand Nagar matter. Murthy tells him to remove Kaku, Hassu from their way, put Anand nagar on fire.

Hassu tells Kaku to switch off the phone, Kaku asks why, Hassu says they have to work more hard tomorrow, so a peaceful sleep is needed. Both turn off their phones.

Vasu tells Chinu that her father planned to remove Kaku, Hassu from his way by putting Anand Nagar on fire. Chinu gets shocked, Vasu asks her not to tell her father that she leaked this matter. Meenu hears them from outside the door. She hurries and takes her car keys, she throws away Chinu’s car keys. Meenu drives to Rohan’s place as he doesn’t answer her call. Chinu tries calling Kaku, Hassu but phones are switched off, she searches for her keys and drives to Anand Nagar.

Meenu tells Rohan about her father’s plan and they go to Anand nagar. Goons put the place on fire. Kaku, Hassu cough because of smoke. They wake up and realize the fire outside. They shout and see for water. Outside Chinu faints because of smoke, Meenu shouts for help and cares for Chinu. Rohan runs inside amidst fire, he sees Kaku, Hassu on floor in bad condition. He wakes Hassu from unconsciousness. Outside Chinu also becomes conscious and sees Rohan coming outside with Kaku, Hassu. Ambulance comes and all are treated.

Hassu asks if Rohan came here, Chinu says yes. Hassu and Kaku smile. Inside Rohan hugs half burnt photo frame of his parents. Hassu asks if he will hug only photo and not real person. Rohan cries and falls on their feet, he says he doesn’t deserve their forgiveness but still says sorry and asks them to forgive him, he is ashamed of his deeds. He trusted wrong people in pursuit of achieving more, but he could have lost everything.

Kaku hugs Rohan and cries, she says even if kids go wrong way for a brief time, good upbringing will eventually bring them on right path, strong roots are important and calls him dinglu. Rohan tells Hassu that he thought by following his values, experience he can’t become successful, but he was wrong, he can’t become successful by constructing a big building in Anand Nagar.

Precap: Kaku defends Rohan from basti people aggression and says he is her son. Murthy chastises Rohan for being cheater like his parents.

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