India Waali Maa 5th October 2020 Written Update: Kaku works as a maid

India Waali Maa 5th October 2020 Written Update on

Chinu tells Murthy that he is with Vasu for money, she is with Rohan for love. She resigns and transfers her shares to Meenu. She thanks her father for making her able to attend board meetings, but daughters also need love. She says he thinks Rohan to be selfish, he should see himself in mirror who is selfish. She tells Meenu to take care of company, its all hers now.

Chinu leaves. Meenu calls and informs Rohan everything. Rohan goes home and Chinu hugs him and apologizes. Rohan emotionally asks if she left everything for him, Chinu says she had no other option, her father asked to choose one between him and company. She asks if he will love her the same, he says he loves her even more now. Kaku sees this and feels determined to help Rohan.

Kaku calls a man, she got a message that they need a cook. He asks if she is Rohan Gadvi’s mother. She says yes, he says there’s a function and need a cook, they also need a maid as they have relatives for few days. He asks if she knows any maid. She says she will do it, he asks will she work as maid, she says she needs money, she will do cleaning, cooking. She asks him not to tell this to Rohan.

 Rohan comes and asks Kaku if she will cook at his friends house, she tells him to say Yes to his friend, she will go in the afternoon as she will have to go to temple in the morning. He drops Kaku to working places, Kaku cuts her finger by mistake while cooking. She controls her pain and continues working. Rohan comes to pick her and offers her tea in the car, he sees her finger cut and asks what happened, he says no need to go anywhere afternoon.

But she says they gave word they will come and shouldn’t back off now. Kaku works at another house and Rohan comes to pick her, he feels sad seeing  her cleaning floor. He asks owner about payment, she goes to bring money. Hassu calls him and asks if he is taking good care of Kaku, she is not lifting phone from morning. Lady comes and gives money, she praises Kaku’s coming.

 Hassu hears it and asks what’s happening there. Rohan doesn’t speak anything, Kaku comes and manages the situation, she says neighbor flat people became her friends, Mrs Iyer, Chandraprabha..they asked to eat Gujarati food, she made for them.

Murthy calls Chinu, she cuts the call. Vasu consoles him, Chinu is his daughter, she will come back to them. He says Chinu being his daughter is biggest problem, he knows her nature, she is stubborn. He worries about his reputation, Chinu is pregnant without marrying. Vasu advises him to accept Rohan and Chinu. Murthy also feels the same. Vasu says his sister invited them for Varalakshmi vratam, she loves Chinu, its best occasion to accept Rohan and Chinu.

Chinu asks Rohan where is Kaku going daily morning. He says she might have a mannat, so going to temple daily. Kaku has leg pain. She calls a woman and says she cooked at their home and they loved it, she asks them to tell more people about her work. Kaku calls Chandraprabha, she knows many people and she has to recommend Kaku’s name for cooking or household help. She earned 75,000 Rupees, she will earn 25,000 more and repay her loan soon. Chandraprabha says Kaku is mahaan, did Rohan ever thank her. Kaku says why will a son thank his mother. Chandraprabha feels Kaku will get very sad if she knows the truth about 2 crore loan.