India Waali Maa 6th January 2021 Written Update: Rohan clears his loan

India Waali Maa 6th January 2021 Written Update on

Chinu sees Hassu packing his luggage and asks where is he going. He says he is going back to Bhuj. She asks why, she doesn’t know about grocery, he says he kept the monthly grocery list on table. She asks about milk man, dhobi. She pretends to fall and he gives hand to get her up. She asks him to promise first, he won’t go leaving her. He doesn’t promise and goes aside. Chinu says she doesn’t have rights to stop Hasmukh, but she has relation with Batuknath. She hugs him and cries, she says why Rohan doesn’t understand how amazing parents he has. She missed these relations all her life. He says he will go but his love will always stay with her.

Kaku asks Rohan why he talked so rudely with his father. He knows his father from childhood, Rohan remembers Batuknath helping them and clients crediting Batuknath.

Rohan, Chinu come to office, she tells Rohan that his father is going back to Bhuj. He doesn’t react and says Mr.Singh called them, it must be a good news. Client tells Rohan, Chinu that project is success, they are getting many orders and he transfered the payment. Rohan thanks him. Client asks for some more designs, Chinu says they will give.

Client tells about another project, he will give if they continue their partnership, he asks them to think about it, they are perfect together. He asks Chinu where is her assistant Batuknath and Rohan where is his chief designer Kaushalya, he called them also for meeting. He asks if they can handle project without them. Chinu says no, she will involve Batuknath and Kaku in the project. Rohan says they are going out of town, Chinu says they didn’t go yet. Client asks them to discuss and tell, they can sign contract later.

Hassu asks Kaku to come back to Bhuj, Kaku tries to stop him. Hassu asks if she doesn’t care about his respect, Rohan doesn’t want to see his face, so he can’t stay here without shame. He tells Kaku to decide whom she wants to stay with, son or husband. Kaku narrates him Rohan childhood stories and tries to make him change decision.

Meenu tells Sagar that Rohan has some problem with his parents. Sagar says its good, they have to mess up Rohan personal life so that he doesn’t focus much on professional life. Rohan, Chinu come close due to Kaku, so it will be solved.

Rohan clears his loan, the man praises Rohan to clear within 6 months.

Meenu gives coffee to Rohan and manipulates him against Chinu. Later Chinu comes and tells Rohan to make correct decision.