India Waali Maa 7th January 2021 Written Update: Murthy gives a blank cheque to Rohan

India Waali Maa 7th January 2021 Written Update on

Murthy gives a file to Rohan, Rohan is shocked to see him, Murthy tells him to open file first, he couldn’t sign Mr. Singh contract, now its signed. Rohan asks what’s the meaning of this, Murthy says he wants to rectify his mistake of not trusting him earlier. Rohan asks the reason behind sudden change of behavior. Murthy says he wants his daughter back, Vasu says he may think they are selfish, but think from their point of view, this is chance for all of them to work together as family. Murthy says he wishes to invest on all his projects from now, its possible only if he forgets past things and move on.

Rohan calls Kaku and asks her to stay back. She says she was waiting for this word only, Rohan says he doesn’t care if his father goes or not. Kaku asks how dare he think she will leave his father alone and stay here. Rohan asks if she chose her husband and leaving son alone. Kaku tries to explain, but he cuts the call. Kaku tells Hassu to come to office.

Chinu asks Rohan how Mr.Singh contract is signed. Rohan says Murthy helped. Chinu says appa is playing games again, she tells Rohan he is not understanding his father who wants to genuinely help him. She asks him to stop his father from leaving city. Rohan asks if she is also not his side. Meenu hears their argument. Rohan tells Chinu to discuss only professional matters, they are just business partners now.

Rohan asks Murthy how much money he is ready to invest in his business. Murthy laughs and says his whole property. He wants to make Rohan this company CEO. There is reason behind it, when everyone’s trust from Rohan was broken including him, Rohan became successful. He signs blank cheques and gives to Rohan saying he can use any amount of money for company projects. Blank cheque means he is trusting Rohan blindly.

Kaku, Hassu come to office. Kaku tells Rohan to apologize his father, she is ordering it as mother. Rohan asks Hassu about his enemity towards him. Kaku asks which enemity, from childhood till his degree, his father fulfilled every needs, Hassu dream was to buy car, but to buy bike for Rohan, he used scooter. Hassu built the house with his hardwork, but he put house on mortgage to send Rohan America. Rohan says he will repay for everything and calculate amount for his school fees, bike cost, America ticket, college fees. Kaku, Hassu feel hurt. Chinu and everyone are stunned. Rohan signs cheque given by Murthy and gives to his father. Murthy smiles. Kaku says she thought she saw everything in life, relations, coming to bangalore and working, but she didn’t know parents love is also calculated in money.