India Waali Maa 7th October 2020 Written Update: Chinu’s father announces Rohan-Chinu as a couple

India Waali Maa 7th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Murthy and Vasu talking to Chinu, Rohan. Murthy apologises to both and says he realized how rich Chinu is in her thoughts after she resigned. He has money but his thinking is poor. He is ready to accept Rohan as son-in-law and their baby as grand child. Chinu is still not convinced but Rohan says he is her father, she should respect his sorry.

Kaku is dressed as waitress in shirt and pant, she is uncomfortable and tells their manager that she always wears Saree, she is wearing these kind of clothes first time in her life. Manager says this is more easy to handle than Saree and tells Kaku to walk here and there, she will be alright.

Kaku holds a serving plate and goes to the hall, she collides with a man, the vessel breaks, and sweet falls down. Everyone looks in that direction, they don’t see Kaku as she has turned the other side. Chinu steps on a glass piece, she picks it up and goes towards Kaku but a lady stops her in between.

Manager scolds Kaku for her negligence. She says now sweet is finished, what will they serve as Bhog. Kaku suggests Gehu atta ka halwa. Its Gujarati dish and can be made in few minutes. Manager asks her to make it quickly then. Kaku cooks the sweet and her co-worker praises its taste.

She asks how does it taste so good, what did she mix in it, Kaku says lot of love and blessings for the couple. She doesn’t know the couple but they are going to start a new life, so she wishes well for them. The lady asks if Kaku has kids and are they married, Kaku thinks about Rohan-Chinu and says marriage is fixed and will happen soon.

Vasu makes Rangoli and Chinu’s aunt praises it. Kaku comes to see Puja but she is pulled aside as Puja is for family members. Kaku prays for Hassu, Rohan, Chinu. Chinu’s aunt says this is very auspicious day and they have a good news to share. Viswanathan Murthy announces Rohan-Chinu as couple. Kaku sees it and gets overwhelmed.

Rohan and Chinu are also happy. Kaku goes to the kitchen and the manager tells her to serve sweet in the welcome ceremony. Kaku’s hand’s shiver and the manager give the tray to another man as she doesn’t want Kaku to make the dish fall again.

Precap: Rohan tastes sweet and realizes Kaku made it. He asks where is the lady who made this dish. He asks Chinu what’s her aunt’s name. Chinu says Rukmini Balakrishnan