India Waali Maa 8th January 2021 Written Update: Chinu stands up for Vasu

India Waali Maa 8th January 2021 Written Update on

Vasu tells Kaku that Murthy got to know she leaked his plan, now he won’t spare her. Kaku consoles her and says she has 2 daughters, she observed her love for them many times. Outside people angrily shout Rohan’s name. Kaku defends Rohan, he is their son, he lost his way for sometime but he is good person.

Rohan apologizes to them and says they will get back all canceled contracts. He will also help them in re paying tax. Everyone feel happy. Murthy comes and calls Rohan cheater, he played with his emotions and project and accuses his parents for teaching him cheating. Rohan raises his voice against Murthy for blaming his parents, Murthy raises his hand to slap Rohan, Meenu comes in between them and warns her father not to do any wrong with Rohan, she won’t allow it and she loves Rohan.

Kaku gets shocked and sees Chinu. Murthy leaves angrily. Vasu says Murthy won’t allow her to stay at home, so she is leaving. But she is not regretting this, she did at least one thing right. Vasu walks away. Kaku tells Chinu that mother means not only the one who gives birth, but also who puts kids before herself. Chinu, Meenu run to stop Vasu and say they are with her, they will go home. Rohan asks Kaku, Hassu to come home. Laxmi and neighbors get emotional knowing Kaku is leaving. Kaku says she is just going to her son’s house, their business will continue. They shouldn’t limit it only to pay tax, they have to work even after that and become independent, it gives strength.

Murthy asks Vasu how dare she come after spoiling his plans, Chinu defends Vasu and says his business is originally Vasu father’s which he got after marrying Vasu, so Vasu has more right on this house than him. They will live where their Vasu Mom stays. Chinu hugs Vasu and apologizes for the past. Vasu feels happy and emotional.

Rohan remembers the first time Kaku came to his house, he brings red water in plate and asks Grihapravesh is done this way right. Kaku nods. He says he can’t change past, but he can start afresh and welcomes them with respect. Kaku steps on water and comes in. Hassu asks if he should also do that. Rohan nods. Rohan tears the paper where he calculated all expenses his father made for him.

Precap: Vasu asks Rohan’s hand for Meenu, Kaku says what about Chinu. Chinu says she has no problem with this relation.