India Waali Maa 8th January 2021 Written Update: Kaku, Hassu head back to Bhuj

India Waali Maa 8th January 2021 Written Update on

Hassu tells Kaku to come, tickets are confirmed. Chinu tries to stop them and hugs Hassu while crying. Meenu smiles. Hassu kisses Chinu’s forehead and they leave. Chinu sees Murthy taking Rohan with him consolingly and gets shocked. She goes out and asks the watchman about a couple who just went out. She calls Kaku and asks where are they, she has to talk about important matters. Kaku says they are going towards the station.

Murthy gives water to Rohan and says this moment comes in life where one has to become distant with parents. He says his father wanted him to become a medical representative, but he wanted to do business, his father was also right, business is risky but money comes to a person who is ready to take risks.

Chinu tells Kaku that Rohan cleared his loan after a lot of her hard work, Kaku says Rohan doesn’t need them now, they should continue their business. Chinu says she feels Kaku’s sadness but she is unable to do anything. Kaku asks her to promise to go to her parent’s house back and not stay alone in that flat. Kaku also tells her to come to Bhuj, they will enjoy themselves together. The call ends and Kaku, Hassu board auto to the station.

Murthy tells Rohan to achieve more and show his parents, they and Chinu will work together. Chinu comes and says she won’t work with them, she is going to Delhi for the job interview. She sees Rohan and says she can’t work with cheaters. Rohan asks her to mind her language. Murthy goes behind Chinu to stop her, she says his games may work on Rohan but not her, he caught Rohan’s weakness, Rohan wants everything fast, money, success. He is good inside but outside he is misguided. She doesn’t know his plans but Kaku, Hassu told her to stay with her parents for his and Vasu’s happiness.

Kaku, Hassu sit at a tea stall. Kaku tries to lift his mood, she says when Rohan was in the US, they used to wait for his call, now also they will do the same. She will have a lot of work going to Bhuj, she will go to yoga classes. Hassu stays silent. They go to a cab and Kaku asks the driver to help with the luggage.

The driver says he is not coolie and tells them to be fast, this is a rental car and he has to go soon. Kaku asks Hassu to open dickey, she lifts the suitcase but gets knee pain, Hassu takes the suitcase and both sit in the car. Kaku tells the driver to go fast, they will miss the train otherwise and don’t know when the next train to Gujarat will be. The driver stops the cab and says this station trains only go in Karnataka city, he says they told the wrong station name. He tells them to get down. Hassu faints.