India Waali Maa 8th October 2020 Written Update: Chinu is shocked to see Kaku as a servant

India Waali Maa 8th October 2020 Written Update on

Kaku hears her co-workers talking about Chinnamma, she is Rukmini’s brothers daughter. Rukmini offers sweet to Chinu, but she denies as she is fasting, Rohan eats the sweet and realizes that Kaku made it.

He asks the worker who made it, worker says a lady in kitchen cooked it. Rohan goes towards kitchen but Rukmini stops him and makes him stand with Chinu. Rohan asks Chinu what is her aunt’s name, she says Rukmini Balakrishnan. He remembers Kaku is also working for Rukmini.

Kaku panics and tells manager that she has to leave immediately. Manager scolds her and says payment will be cut and she can’t work again. Kaku worries what to do, Chandraprabha calls her and says Bank people complained to police about Rohan, they may come anytime to arrest him as he didn’t pay loan yet.

She asks Kaku to do something and save Rohan. Kaku gets tensed, manager comes and gives her juice tray to serve. Kaku puts on cap and partially covers her face so that no one will recognize her.

A man asks her to give ice, Kaku says it tastes good without ice, he shouts if she will tell them how to drink. Rohan comes and defends Kaku, he calls another worker to get ice and takes Kaku with him. She asks how did he recognize her, he says through her special dish. Rohan asks her to leave as soon as possible.

Kaku says Chandraprabha called her, there’s a big problem. Meenu pulls  Chinu for a dance, Chinu gets unwell suddenly and vomits, everyone get tensed, Vasu asks someone to bring water, Murthy calls doctor. Rohan asks where are Chinu’s tablets.

Kaku has Chinu’s tablets in her bag and brings them, she signals Rohan but he doesn’t see her. She ties a scarf and gives tablet to Rohan. Chinu gets conscious and pulls Kaku’s scarf by mistake. Kaku’s face is revealed, Chinu and her father are shocked to see her.

Manager tells Kaku to clean the vomiting, Chinu stops her saying she can’t do it. Kaku covers it up saying she is like her mother and she can do it, she vows on herself for Chinu to not say anything now.

Kaku cleans the floor, Chinu sadly looks at Kaku and Rohan. Kaku goes to kitchen and washes her face sadly. A guest praises the food, especially prasadam, kudumulu. She asks Rukmini who made them. Rukmini says there is a special cook.

Chinu hears all this and pulls Rohan aside, she asks what the hell is happening, why is Kaku working at her aunt’s home and why is he not reacting.

Precap: Vasu asks Kaku how dare she is to work at their relatives home, is it a way to insult them, Kaku says she didn’t know they are relatives. Murthy asks her to leave as she now knows its their relatives home.