India Waali Maa 9th October 2020 Written Update: Rohan’s truth revealed in front of Chinu

India Waali Maa 9th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chinu asking Rohan if he knows Kaku is here, Rohan says he asked her to leave as soon as he got to know. Chinu asks but why is she doing this, she could have talked to them if there’s any problem, he cares for his mother right.

Rukmini comes and asks love birds to spend time with others too, its time for their traditional engagement ceremony. Chinu asks for few minutes as its really important matter, but her aunt doesn’t agree, she tells Rohan it would have been good if his parents are also present here.

Vasu asks Kaku how dare she is to work at their relatives home, is it a way to insult them, Kaku says she didn’t know they are relatives. Murthy asks her to leave as she now knows its their relatives home.

 Kaku is leaving but her bag falls down, Rohan comes and helps in picking up things. Kaku says she is being asked to leave on the eve of his engagement, but Rohan also asks her to leave. He apologizes Murthy on behalf of Kaku, but Murthy says he is responsible for all this.

He is not saying anything as its matter of his reputation as he announced them as couple. Murthy and Vasu leave. Rohan asks Kaku why she is spoiling things now when finally Murthy accepted him as son-in-law.

Kaku says she would have left, but Chandraprabha called her, Rohan asks her to stop giving excuses. Kaku cries and says Chandraprabha said American bank gave his case to Bangalore police and they are searching for him now. She stayed to help him. Rohan asks her to leave not stay for these small helps.

Meenu tells Chinu that Kaku cooked at Patel’s house too, Chinu is shocked and asks if Vasu and their father knows it, Meenu says they may know. Chinu looks at her father angrily. Meenu tries to calm her as there are many people here and says they always have issues and in the end she has to face everyone’s moods.

 Chinu goes to her father and asks if they know about Kaku working. She always trusts him and he always fails her. He planned to insult them today. Murthy shouts her to stop it, everyone look in their direction.

He takes Chinu aside, he asks why does she always accuse him, he asks if she wants to know the truth. He says Rohan sends Kaku to cook at other’s functions, Vasu says he makes his mother do cleaning also for extra money.

Chinu is shocked and hurt knowing this. Rukmini comes to call them. She makes Chinu sit beside Rohan and says as Rohan’s parents are not here, she will do rituals from his side.

Manager stops Kaku from leaving, she says Rukmini is calling her, Kaku tries hard to leave citing many reasons but manager forcefully pulls her inside. Rukmini says they can use technology and asks Rohan to video call his parents, everyone get tensed and Murthy covers it up saying Rohan’s father is ill, his mother is busy caring for him, it doesn’t look nice to call them.

Kaku says he is fine, nothing happened to him. Rukmini asks what did she say, Kaku says nothing. Engagement ceremony happens and later Rukmini praises Kaku for cooking, she asks why is she leaving so early, all guests are full of praises for her cooking. She introduces Kaku to all, guests praise her and Kaku thanks them. Kaku again says she will leave, she has work. Rukmini says she worked hard till now, will she cook again at other’s home.

Rukmini says Kaku is excellent cook but she agreed to serve and clean for extra money, she asks guests to give tip to Kaku, it will help her. Kaku says there’s no need of it but Rukmini gives her a bowl and people come and give money to Kaku. Chinu shouts Stop it.