Iniya: Vickram to support Iniya

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Sun TV newly launched show ” Iniya” is about An Arrogant cop Vickram married an open-minded. Iniya to teach her a hard lesson, while Iniya’s forced to tie the knot out of love for her sister and their mother’s dying wish. Shanmugam stands firm against Vickram-Iniya marriage

In the previous episode we saw; Gauri brought Iniya near Vickram. She asked them to spend time before marriage to know each other. Iniya opened up with Vickram about her. she asked him to exchange their phone. Vickram fear to get caught. Iniya laughed at him. She said to him she asked it for a joke.

Vickram thought that she won’t love him anymore after she find out the truth. Later, Iniya noticed Dhanam advising Meena to be close with Vickram. Iniya stopped Meena from giving tea to Vickram reasoning he like coffee not tea. Both ended up arguing each other. Iniya gave coffee to Vickram.

He wad surprised to see Iniya there. He appreciated the taste of the coffee. Later, villagers were gathered for a panchayat. They condemn the widow for fell in love.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Iniya will get furious when villagers accusing a widow for loving a person. They will ask Nallashivam to give a proper punishment to that widow. He will demand that widow to fall on all men’s feet and shave her head.

Iniya will get furious hearing it. She will raise her voice against them and Threatens to complaint in police station. Dhanam will try to provoke Nallashivam against Iniya. But Vickram will support Iniya there .

What will happen next? Will Iniya fall in love with Vickram? When Vickram change his attitude?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates