Iniya: Will Vickram convince Shanmugam?

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Sun TV newly launched show ” Iniya” is about An Arrogant cop Vickram married an open-minded Iniya to teach her a hard lesson, while Iniya’s forced to tie the knot out of love for her sister and their mother’s dying wish. Shanmugam stands firm against Vickram-Iniya marriage

In the previous episode we saw; Iniya and Vickram family met in temple. Ilango asked his mom to make sure Shanmugam don’t create any issue in this alliance. Gauri tried to convince Shanmugam but he lashes out at her.

Shanmugam insulted Yazhini for seduced his son. She stammering in tension. He insulted her more. Iniya got angry to hear it. Vickram to stand with Iniya there surprising Shanmugam. He said that he didn’t upbring his daughters well.

Iniya said that his son Ilango came behind her sister. Doesn’t he upbring him well. Iniya gave fitting reply to him.

Later, Vickram convinced his father. He asked Iniya’s father to fix a date and demanded dowry. Iniya refused to accept his condition and argued with him. Shanmugam left from there in anger.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Iniya’s father will complaint to Iniya that her retired teacher is no more. Now he wanted to do everything for his daughters as a good father. He will warn her to don’t ruin her sister life for her ego.

Iniya will tell him if they don’t argue now they will bargain again with them after marriage. Meanwhile, Gauri will advise Vickram to talk with his father and convince him. Iniya will promise her mom that she will fulfil her sister wish. Vickram will reach there.

What will happen next? Will Iniya fall in love with Vickram? When Vickram change his attitude?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates