Iniya: Will Vickram support Iniya?

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Sun TV newly launched show ” Iniya” is about An Arrogant cop Vickram married an open-minded. Iniya to teach her a hard lesson, while Iniya’s forced to tie the knot out of love for her sister and their mother’s dying wish. Shanmugam stands firm against Vickram-Iniya marriage

In the previous episode we saw; Gauri was spending time with her daughters. Dhanam and Meena came there. They got jealous seeing their bond. Meena asked Gauri why didn’t she chose a traditional girl for Vickram.

Nalla Shivam used to give preference to traditional girl. Vickram doesn’t like girl going to work or highly educated. Dhanam asked Iniya does she aware of it. Gauri thought that she will be caught today. Iniya said to Dhanam that she was aware of it.

Vickram looked down on ladies. They wanted to keep them in home as a house wife. Male chauvinism. She said to her she wanted to see her sister happiness. So she decided to Marry Vickram. Stop creating unnecessary drama. Meanwhile, Vickram made sure sonali was safe in mental asylum

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Gauri will bring Iniya near Vickram. She will open up with him and ask him to exchange their phone. Vickram will fear to get caught.

Later, Iniya will stop Meena from giving tea to Vickram reasoning he like coffee not tea. Both will ended up arguing each other. Iniya will give coffee to Vickram. He will be surprised to see Iniya there.

What will happen next? Will Iniya fall in love with Vickram?

When Vickram change his attitude?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates