International Friendship Day: Celebs talk about their closest pals who have been their driving force

 Friends are the ones who make our life an interesting ride. Your life is bliss if you are blessed with true friends. Your true friend is always there by your side, loves you to the core, tells you when you are wrong and wants the best for you. Life is incomplete with real friendship. International Friendship Day on August 1 celebrates such true friends in our lives. On the occasion, celebrities also open up about friendship, the unique and unusual bond they share with their closest pals and how their friends have made their lives better:    
Smita Dongre
For me, friends are friends, no one is good or bad. My friends are my lifeline. I have a huge friend circle, so I can’t possibly take a single name. We need friends in every situation of our lives, sadness, happiness, during moments of despair. In short, we can’t live life without friends. I believe good friends bring good luck, they make our life heaven.
Vivaan Arora

For me friendship is everything. I believe in commitment and true friendship is a lifetime commitment. We may fight with our friends and have issues but nothing can spoil the bond. I have a few good friends. In today’s selfish world most people aren’t trustworthy, and there are others who try to take advantage of you, so you have to be careful. My best friend is Sushant Kumar. We have seen many ups and downs together in the last 11 years of our friendship. We love, trust and understand each other.
Jai Singh

Friendship means everything to me. I am blessed that I share the same bond with my school friends. We have known each other for the last 30 years. My junior KG friend,  Sunil Jatan Lal Nahata and childhood friend,  Rushvir Singh, have been my backbone. Abhishek Sharma, Shammi Gaur in Delhi and in Mumbai, Kavi Shastri  and  Geet Sagar are also my close friends. Shekhar Gill is like my brother. He is like family to me. With them around Mumbai is my happy place away from my family.

Anjali Phougat

Friendship is a relationship we maintain with our chosen family. Friends help us celebrate happy times and provide support during difficult times. Friends are the sisters and brothers we never had, and are by our side through all the ups and downs. I am a very quiet person and learned many lessons in life and now extremely selective in choosing friends. We are living in a mean world where it’s hard to find honest and loving people who want to be friends without purpose. My best friends are my husband Naveen and my daughter  Aarna I share a great bond with my family. I feel if we become good friends with our kids and life partner, life becomes joyful. My daughter makes me laugh with her incredibly humorous stories. Her smile makes me smile. Her laughter is infectious. Her heart is pure and true. Also we have a common best furry friend, and her name is Penelope. She is one- year-old Toy Poodle  and gives us unconditional love with pure heart and honesty. Pets can totally be your best friend and understand emotions without even saying anything.
Sneh Binny

Friendship is an everlasting sacred bond. Friends are always there through thick and thin. They help you shape you better and walk you down with your destined path. Vidur Sarin and I became friends while we were studying in the UK, and have been planning to work together in future. He lives in Delhi now and out of the blue we connected over a call and decided to work on a project together. The spark that never diminishes even after so many years signifies a true friendship.
Hasan Zaidi
Friendship for me is the most important, most loved and most cherished emotion. It’s a clichéd line to say that we choose our friends, unlike every other relationship which is by condition like parents, relatives, blood relations etc. True friends are those who stand by you through thick and thin. My best friend is Kamran Azim. We have been close since our childhood days. We were both in Delhi together and then I wanted to come to Bombay but at that time I did not have money and I did not wanted to ask from my parents so I was trying to sell my bike. At that time I did not have the papers of the bike with me so I was not being able to sell it off. He used to freelance at Mudra and Lintas during that time as an artist and one day he just came to me and said take this money give me your bike and you go to Bombay. That’s how I came to Bombay. Another dear friend of mine, who is also like my younger brother, is Sehbhaz Azim, who is an actor. They are five brothers. His younger brother’s name is Harnan. He always used to say that when I grow up I will be like Hasan bhai’, and recently he officially changed his name to Hasan. I cherish my friends like I cherish life