Intinti Gruha Laxmi 30th December 2020 Written Update: Nandu gets arrested for Lasya disappearance

Intinti Gruha Laxmi 30th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Tulasi reaches to Mohan place. Mohan asks how’s she. Tulasi tells him that they are not getting Lasya details so everyone at house looks disturbed. Sruthi sees Tulasi and hides from her. Tulasi asks Mohan help to find Lasya whereabouts. Mohan says he will enquire Lasya relative’s about her.

Bhagya tells to Lasya that their plan implementation is successful and whole family is worried. Lasya says they need this lesson so they won’t touch me. Bhagya says family is already scared with Lawyer entry. Lasya says let them face it. Lawyer meets Lasya and tells them that their plan is success. Bhagya asks if it’s her plan. Lasya says yes. Bhagya praises her. Lasya says upcoming days are going to be tough for them and she tells Venkat about her next plan.

Manager calls Nandu and scolds him for not taking any action against Lasya. Nandu says Lasya is not in his touch. Manager gets shocked and asks if she isn’t staying with them. Nandu says she used to stay with us but don’t know currently where is she staying. Manager says files with Lasya costs them 25cr loss and asks Nandu to bring Lasya immediately. Nandu says because of some issues at home, Lasya went from home. Manager gets shocked and Asks if give police complaint. Nandu says not yet. Manager says I can’t take chance so going to complaint to police for company reputation.

Mohan asks can Lasya commit any Suicide like last time. Tulasi tell him last time she didn’t tried to suicide, she just played drama to make Nandu agree for marriage, noone knows it from my family that’s why they are tensed. Mohan says this time to it can be Lasya plan to gain sympathy. Tulasi says it can be and they thinks where she can hide and Mohan suggest to meet Shekar to get info of Lasya. They goes to Shekar place and notices his house is locked.

Police reaches to Nandu place questions Nandu for Lasya. Nandu says he don’t know. Tulasi and Mohan reaches to home. Police asks why they didn’t complain to police and doubts Nandu. Mohan says they can’t arrest because of doubt. Police says office members complained against him and he cancelled his engagement with Lasya and these reasons are enough to arrest him. Inspector asks Contestable to arrest Nandu. Police arrests Nandu and takes him to police station.

Whole family cries for Nandu. Mohan assures them to get bail for Nandu and asks Tulasi and family to stay strong and he goes to meet Lawyer. Anasuya blames Tulasi for everything. Prem fights with her Granny saying it’s their mistake to get Lasya to home. Abhi supports his Dad and Granny. Ankita asks her husband to don’t forget the roots, it’s your Dad mistake to get Lasya to home. Anasuya scolds Ankita than Nandu father scolds Anasuya. Anasuya says you always think about your daughter in law that’s why my son is behind bars because of you you guys and she asks Tulasi to stay happy and goes inside.

Precap – Lasya gets shocked knowing Nandu arrest.