Intinti Gruhalaxmi 18th January 2021 Written Update: Tulasi feels touched with Nandu words about her

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 18th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Nandu father says it’s best if we burn our unwanted relations than everyone can stay happy forever. Nandu looks on. Ankita says Abhi must learn new things because I bought him forcefully because he denied to wake up. Divya says it’s happened from past, last year me and bro thought to run from house during Pongal time but Mom caught us on time.

Tulasi says these two always want to run when it’s about festival. Divya says now they are changed and got to know value of these moments. Prem says they have to cherish these moments forever because it’s going to be beautiful memories in the future. Nandu father says festivals unite family members. Ramulamma says their family must unite in this way forever. Tulasi feels sad seeing Nandu.

Sruthi thinks about Ashwin words. Vandana asks what are you thinking. Sruthi says nothing. Vandana says at this tough times God gave you support like Prem, you’re lucky for it, you still have Prem in your heart right. Sruthi says Prem is like God to me and i don’t have right to become his partner because i breaked his heart and hurted him so I’m praying god to give me chance to live far from Prem.

Whole family decorates house with flowers. Tulasi and Nandu about to dash with eachother and they smiles seeing eachother. Whole family dances happily than Prem organises game saying they have do what they got in chit. Divya asks if their Dad is ready. Nandu says it won’t good if he plays but Divya and Prem and others insists him to play than Nandu agrees.

Divya asks Abhi to play. Abhi dances with Ankita according to chit and whole family joins him. Than its Divya turn to sang beautiful song about her Mom, Prem joins her, Tulasi gets emotional. Ramulamma dances for Ramulo song whole family dances with her.

Grandfather says satire for his partner. Both fights with eachother. Divya asks them to dance for beautiful song. They agrees and gives performance for old song. Than its Nandu turn. Divya asks what’s in his chit. Nandu says he have to express his love for his partner.

Everyone encourages him to tell making Nandu and Tulasi stand. Nandu says person can’t live without love, I got Tulasi love at 20years age and from that moment she filled my life with love and her love gave me hope to achieve anything and I used to felt I can’t get this love and care even If I spend crores of money and that’s why I married her and every day is beautiful memory with her and I got meaning of my life when she is beside me and sometimes I feel what may happened to me of Tulasi is not my partner.

Precap – Lawyer tells to Nandu and Tulasi that they have to attend their divorce case and it’s confirmed that they are going to get divorced. Lasya feels happy.