Intinti Gruhalaxmi 1st March 2021 Written Update: Nandu hurts Tulasi with his accusations

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 1st March 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Ashwin says Shruthi misunderstood my ways and you can know it from her how I’m changed. Tulasi asks Shruthi to answer. Ashwin says answer Sruthi, otherwise you will be the reason for the differences between Nandu and Tulasi.

Shruthi says Ashwin is taking good care of her. Tulasi says don’t get scared Sruthi. Rohit asks Tulasi go aside with Sruthi and assures them that he will tackle Ashwin. They goes aside than Rohit calls Ashwin near him and says you’re performing in Oscar range but I know what you did with Nandu, Tulasi and Shruthi, I can treat you in 5minutes but leaving you seeing Sruthi face, I can give you money that you need, change your ways otherwise it won’t be good.

Ashwin thinks to accept the money. Rohit gives him huge amount cheque. Ashwin happily accepts it and apologies to Rohit and tells him that he won’t involve in Tulasi matters. Rohit says never poke your nose in Tulasi and Prem matters, it’s won’t good for you. Ashwin agrees.

Anasuya, Lasya, Nandu waits at home. Tulasi reaches to home with kids. Anasuya mocks Tulasi for fighting with Nandu in Shruthi matter. Tulasi says I didn’t fight with anyone, I just talked the reality. Nandu says Shruthi and Ashwin are not related to us but you fought with for those people, why you’re supporting that Shruthi. Tulasi says I know Shruthi nature so I can’t bear when her husband is forcing her that’s why questioned him, what’s wrong in it? I can’t support you when you’re taking wrong people side.

Nandu says stop it, I tried to understand you but you’re insulting me, I’m regretting thinking why I asked judge to postpone our divorce. Prem asks why he is talking in this way, just talk with Mom normally. Nandu says your mom won’t listen and she is the reason behind my divorce decision, I will divorce her for sure and will marry Lasya.

Lasya and Anasuya feels happy and kids gets shocked. Nandu says don’t think that I will unite with you seeing my sift behaviour towards you and fix in your mind that we are going to live separately after our divorce. Tulasi looks on. Nandu and his Mom leaves from that place. Kids feels bad for Tulasi.

Next day Divya says why our plans are not working. Prem and Ankita says even Rohit uncle plans didn’t worked. Lasya tells them that you’re expecting so much from Rohit but he is not that good person and he wants to separate your parents because he wants to get Tulasi. Prem says stop your drama, we are not fools to believe your dramas like Dad, so stop blabbering about Rohit uncle otherwise it won’t good. Lasya thinks Prem said correct,Nandu will believe my words so I will use it near him.

Tulasi thinks about recent happenings. Nandu father goes to her and says you will know about others wishes but no-one cares for your wishes. Tulasi says she can bear it. Nandu father says your patience level is high but not mine and I’m unable to live peacefully seeing these issues, I remember your wedding moments seeing your current wedding, I still remember how you and Nandu worked for family, yesterday I thought you will get reunited again but my hopes evaporated .

Precap – Lasya says Tulasi is trying to get united with Rohit. Tulasi gets angry and slaps her.