Intinti Gruhalaxmi 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Nandu promises pay Divya’s medical seat fee on time

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 22nd April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhagya says don’t underestimate Tulasi by challenging her because she may leave her job too and what if she gains sympathy. Lasya says Tulasi is Cheater in Nandu view and he feels that she left her job by accepting defeat and if she resign her job than she will live as home Maid. Bhagya asks what about Shruthi? She is becoming strength to Tulasi. Lasya says don’t worry about her because it’s easy to make her leave than Prem will leave with Shruthi to support her than Tulasi will be alone and I will get Nandu for sure.

Shruthi thinks about Divya matter. Prem asks what’s she thinking. Shruthi shares Divya worry about her fee and she asks Prem to arrange 25lakhs. Prem says he can’t arrange that much money but Mom can take loan at office if we inform her so don’t take tension. Shruthi agrees. Nandu feels frustrated thinking recent problems at their place. Lasya asks why he looks disturbed even after Sasikala promised to give them loan. Nandu tells her he is worried about problems in family. Lasya says Tulasi won’t leave her job and situations won’t change do it’d better if you stop thinking about family matter.

Tulasi comes to Nandu and informs to everyone that she resigned her job according to their wish and now onwards I will take care of family. Prem says you’re leaving job thinking Divya but Divya faced this health problem thinking about her fees. Tulasi tells them she will arrange the money. Nandu questions from where she gets the money after resigning her job. Lasya says she may take Rohit help. Tulasi says she don’t need Rohit help. Nandu stops her by telling he will pay the fees amount of Divya. Tulasi asks him to don’t take tension by taking another loan but Nandu won’t listen her words.

Divya reminds her friend words that they may lost seat if they don’t pay fee on time. Nandu goes to Divya and asks why she didn’t asked him about her fee. Divya tells him she dont want to pressurise him for her. Nandu feels proud of his Daughter maturity and he assures her that he will bear all the expenses of her study. Lasya overhears their convo.

At night Tulasi asks Parandamayya to have food. Parandamayya tells her he is not hungry and shares his fear that loans of Nandu may dump him one day and until now Im feeling relaxed seeing your job but now you left your job. Tulasi says I left job to gain Nandu and don’t worry he will win for sure. Parandamayya says he wants to win over you and what if he won’t accept you. Tulasi says my love is telling me that Nandu is mine so let’s see when time will unite us.

Next day, Lasya looks frustrated. Bhagya asks why she looks sad even after Tulasi left her job. Lasya says she is worried about their future with Nandu behaviour. Bhagya asks what happened. Lasya says Nandu wants to spend lakhs of money for Divya’s doctor seat and I won’t let it happen because we are earning this money and we have to live happily with this money in the future so I will make Tulasi take the responsibility of Divya fee because she is her daughter too.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandu asks Tulasi to become like old Tulasi. Tulasi asks him to change like her old Nandu. Nandu promises her that he will change like old Nandu.