Intinti Gruhalaxmi 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Tulasi feels happy with Anjali’s surprise visit

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Divya says do you really feel My Dad won’t take care of me without your request? Get it one thing my dad loves me more than his trust on you and he can do anything for me so stop giving build-up. Lasya says she is having temper like her Mom. Divya says it’s self respect. Lasya says you entered to my home killing your self respect only. Nandu stops Lasya and sends her inside than he apologizes to Divya and asks why she came. Divya tells him she is going to college and asks him to bless her. Nandu feels happy and wishes her all the best for studies. Divya thanks him.

Ankita thinks about Abhi words. Gayathri and Sharath goes to Ankita and asks what she decided about Abortion. Ankita says she is confused and tells them she can’t cheat Abhi by hiding this truth from him because he loves me do much. Gayathri says Abhi may not agree for abortion plus he will inform to his family members than you have to return to that place with Abhi and you lost chance to study in foreign. Ankita gets shocked. Sharath says he don’t want her to get insulted in that house. Gayathri leaves asking Ankita to take good decision. Sharath too advices Ankita to take good suggestion.

Srivimukti organisation people came to help Tulasi and they tells her that they will solve her problem by teaching lesson to Nandu. Tulasi denies to take their help and tells them that she can solve her problem and asks organisation people to leave from her place. Some of them leaves but few ladies shares to Tulasi that they joined Sangam for work and they requests Tulasi for work. Tulasi thinks their are so many ladies strucked in problems and she tells them she will inform if she find any work for them. Ladies leaves from Tulasi place after thanking her. Parandamayya asks if she feeling pity seeing their condition. Tulasi says she gets to know what she have to do for her future.

Nandu asks Lasya to solve network issues. Suresh Informs to Nandu that staff members are waiting for 2months payments. Nandu asks how it happened? what happened to the salaries amount. Suresh says they used that amount in project expenditure. Nandu says they can’t get any payment until project gets finished. Lasya scolds Suresh but Nandu stops her and asks Suresh to wait 4more days for payment. Suresh agrees.

Parandamayya asks Tulasi what she decided to do because you’re denied to work with Rohit too. Tulasi says your son didn’t like if I work with Rohit that’s why I kept that offer aside and thinking what I can do. Shruthi suggest her to start cooking channel in YouTube so they can get payments. Tulasi says she knows cooking but don’t know how to upload videos. Shruthi says they will take care of it. Parandamayya says it may take long time for implementation so think for another work too. Tulasi says she wants to start stiching work with other ladies. Parandamayya says it’s also tough. Tulasi says everything is tough but we have to work hard to achieve it. Anjali says she is correct.

Tulasi feels happy seeing Anjali and asks when she returned to India from America. Anjali says you never shared your problems with me that’s why I came here after knowing them. Tulasi asks if Rohit told her. Anasuya mocks Anjali and why she came to their place. Tulasi tells to Anasuya that Anjali can come to their time any time and she suggest Anasuya to behave well with her. Anasuya leaves.

Anjali gets surprised with Tulasi change and tells her that she is liking the new change in her, wish this change happened 10 years back than you may not face these problems. Parandamayya says true, finally she is changing and I’m happy with it. Anjali asks about Shruthi. Tulasi tells to Anjali about Shruthi. Anjali says Rahul told me that Shruthi is zerox copy of you and she tells to Tulasi that she wants to talk with her personally. Suresh goes to Lasya and praises her acting than discuss about the money she will get.

Episode ends.

Precap – Tulasi warns Lasya.