Intinti Gruhalaxmi 4th May 2021 Written Update: Bhagya and Lasya plan their next move against Tulasi

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 4th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gayathri asks Abhi to think about their future. Abhi says you’re selfish and expecting to gain interest by giving money to us. Gayathri mocks him saying he don’t know how to earn money. Abhi gets angry. Ankita asks her Mom to don’t insult Abhi. Gayathri says think about future and go to foreign. Abhi tells her he won’t take her financial help and he asks Ankita to get his certificates from their home. Ankita asks him to get them by himself but Abhi says he may get locked if his Mom pleads him so he request her to get the certificates. Ankita agrees.

Tulasi sadly thinks about recent issue at home. Ramulamma says you have feel happy because Lasya left home and it’s good time for us and sir will realise your value in 4days. Tulasi says she is not understanding upcoming problems. Prem says Ramulamma is correct, house is looking peaceful without Lasya. Shruthi says it happened like you wished right. Tulasi says she wants Lasya to leave from home after Nandu realises her true nature but it didn’t happened in that way and now he is feeling Lasya left because of me, so his love towards Lasya increased and he may spoil his health and business while thinking about Lasya and it’s not good for us. Shruthi says uncle is lucky to have a wife who thinks about him, hope he realises your value very soon. Ramulamma says one day Nandu will definitely understand the Tulasi value.

Bhagya happily calls Lasya and informs her that their plan is working perfectly. Lasya feels happy and tells her that she have another video against Tulasi and asks her to show it to Nandu. Bhagya ask her to send the video telling she will implement the next plan.

Ankita goes to Tulasi place. Shruthi asks how’s she. Ankita blames Shruthi for their situation. Tulasi feels happy seeing Ankita and asks her when they returned from tour and asks where is Abhi. Ankita says Abhi didn’t came here and don’t act like you love us because we understood what’s the truth. Tulasi feels bad. Ankita says she came to take Abhi’s certificates, she goes to their room and gets Abhi’s certificates. Tulasi asks if Abhi is still angry with her. Ankita says you know about Abhi anger right. Tulasi asks how’s Abhi. Ankita says he is happy because we are planning to settle in US. Tulasi asks won’t they come back after studies. Ankita says they won’t come back and please don’t come to my place to request us because Abhi don’t have any plans to come here. Tulasi cries thinking how Ankita used to support her in the past and how she is changed totally. Shruthi tries ti console Tulasi. Ankita gives files to Abhi. Abhi thanks her for bringing the certificates and asks if his Mom is feeling bad for him. Ankita says same happened.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bhagya shows video to Nandu which makes Nandu gets angry and he told to Tulasi that he is not liking her that’s the reason he choosed Lasya.