Intinti Gruhalaxmi 5th June 2021 Written Update: Anasuya plans to stop Tulasi work by hiding her designs file

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 5th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Tulasi thinks to know about Anjali opinion informing her idea but Anjali rejects her call, which makes Tulasi restless. Shruthi asks why she woke up lately. Tulasi says she slept lately but got an idea for business. Shruthi asks what’s that idea. Tulasi says we can take second hand machines which can reduce our expense. Shruthi says it’s good and where she planned to start office.

Tulasi says it’s good to start at home and I will think about office of our business gets increased. Parandamayya praises her idea and asks her to start the business immediately. Anasuya tells them she don’t like Tulasi to start business at home. Parandamayya says they don’t need her permission. Tulasi tries to make Anasuya understand that she will take office once her idea gets successful. Anasuya says don’t dream because you don’t even get project.

Tulasi tells her she will make her dreams fulfilled with her hardwork and you will know my strength very soon. Anasuya leaves saying she will see how she gets success. Parandamayya asks Tulasi to not consider Anasuya words seriously. Tulasi tells him it will work like blessing to her.

Nandu thinks about salaries than he contact his friends for help but they asks Nandu for share in profits or high interest which makes Nandu gets confused. Anjali contacts Tulasi. Tulasi shares her idea with her. Anasuya overhears their conversation. Anjali praises Tulasi way of thinking and she tells her that she will talk with Garment person she knows for her business and she asks Tulasi to impress him with her work. Tulasi agrees and thanks her. Anasuya thinks to ruins Tulasi’s plans.

Ankita thinks about her parents and Abhi’s words than she holds her baby bump. Abhi returns to home and asks about her health. Ankita tells him she is fine. Abhi notices she is still having fever so he asks her to get ready so they can reach yo hospital for tests. Ankita thinks Abhi might find her pregnancy news with tests and she denies for hospital visit and leaves after shouting at Abhi. Ankita in tears thinks what she have to do.

Tulasi prepares designs for her meeting with vendor. Parandamayya asks what’s she doing. Tulasi tells him how she is preparing designs to impress her clients. Parandamayya praises her than he asks her to take rest. Tulasi tells him she can’t take rest until she fulfill her business work. Bhagya tells to Lasya that company may gets closer if you can’t pay the salaries to employees and you may come on roads with Nandu.

Lasya tells her Nandu is trying for money plus I already transferred good amount to my account for safety purpose. Bhagya says it’s good but don’t forget your target. Lasya says she will never forget to ruin Tulasi that’s why I’m planning to send experienced designer to the vendor where Tulasi is going so she won’t get the contract.

Next day Tulasi searches for her designs file to meet Vendor but she couldn’t find it. Parandamayya asks what happened than she shares her worry with him. Anasuya feels happy seeing Tulasi’s state.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandu begs Parandamayya and Tulasi to help him.