Intinti Gruhalaxmi 5th May 2021 Written Update: Bhagya successfully executes her plan against Tulasi

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 5th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Abhi thanks Ankita for bringing his certificates and he asks if his Mom asked her about him. Ankita says it happened like your expectations but don’t know why she is forgetting to live like we expected, anyways it’s waste to think about it because we comeout from that place. Abhi says true, Mom behaviour changed once she joined in Job, don’t know when will she change. Ankita says leave about her and let’s concentrate on our future. Abhi says it’s our family so I’m feeling bad with our separation. Ankita leaves asking him to concentrate on his job and their future.

Nandu frustratingly thinks about Lasya letter that time Bhagya shows him the video where Tulasi warning Lasya to get ready to leave the home because Nandu will realise my love so ready to live single life. Nandu gets angry after watching that video and he calls Tulasi. Tulasi asks him what happened. Nandu says I thought you don’t know anything but I found your real nature and he makes her watch the video where she is giving warning to Lasya. Family members assemble in hall. Prem asks what’s wrong in their Moms behaviour. Nandu says we decided for divorce than its wrong to make Lasya leave from home. Parandamayya says Tulasi is good that’s why she is bearing everything. Nandu says don’t expect me to live with you if you send Lasya from here. Tulasi says how she expected that their bond will make him realise the love between them.

Nandu says it’s your illusion because their is no love between us and you can’t get me because Im not liking your ways that’s why I got closed to Lasya and you’re double faced that’s why agreed for divorce Infront of me but otherside you’re giving warning to Lasya. Parandamayya says Tulasi did correct because she is dutiful wife. Anasuya mocks Tulasi and supports her son. Nandu anounces noone can stop his divorce with Tulasi and he asks Tulasi to forget her dreams to live like his wife for life time. Divya says I missed Mom so much when I used to stay with Lasya aunty and I realised her value in short time but you lived many years Mom, why can’t you realising her goodness? Anasuya asks Divya to not cross her limits. Parandamayya says Divya asked correct question. Anasuya asks Divya to go inside. Divya says I’m asking my Dad and she asks her Dad to answer her. Nandu leaves saying you’re kid and can’t answer your question at this time because you won’t understand it. Bhagya feels happy.

Ankita informs to Abhi that Lasya left from home. Abhi says something is wrong otherwise Lasya won’t go. Ankita says Tulasi aunty warned Lasya that’s why she left and uncle declared that their divorce will happen for sure. Abhi says don’t know why Mom is behaving in this way, Im worried about Divya because she can’t bear these consequences. Ankita says we can’t set everything so it’s better to concentrate on our life. Abhi agrees.

Tulasi thinks about Nandu hurtful words. Prem goes to her and asks her to not think about Dads words because he is easily gets influenced by others words. Tulasi says that’s the problem, don’t know when he found what’s the truth. Prem says Dad will definitely change so let’s wait for that day. Tulasi agrees and Prem takes her inside. Next day Neelima calls Divya and advices her to join the medical course immediately before she loses her seat.

Episode ends.

Precap – Tulasi asks Nandu to think about Divya’s medical seat. Nandu says Divya won’t die if she fails to study medical course. Divya goes to top floor and everyone feels worried for her.