Intinti Gruhalaxmi 7th July 2021 Written Update: Mohan taunts Anasuya

Intinti Gruhalaxmi 7th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode begins with Tulasi’s father in law asking her as to how can she say so strong and confident while the family ia hurting with the incident. Tulasi says that this is supposed to happen hence she is not worrying about it and asks them to not worry either. Even divya is worried to which Tulasi asks her to focus on her studies instead of focusing on elder’s things. She asks prem to come but Anasuya comes there and shouts taunting that everyone is behaving as if there is something heart breaking happening. Instead it is supposed to happen long back.

 Tulasi says she always wanted this and now she is finally divorcing her son hence she should be happy to which Anasuya says that she has started roaming outside and she don’t want her son to be her limit hence she is divorcing him but acting like she is doing it for her. Tulasi asks Prem to come which hurts everyone except for anasuya who makes a relieved gesture.

Tulasi meets Madhavi and Mohan who is standing outside the house for her. Madhavi asks whether there is any change in her brother. Tulasi saus they are going to get divorced. Madhavi says so he didn’t change. Mohan supports Tulasi’s decision while Madhavi is not happy with the fact that they are getting divorced. Mohan blames nandu to which anasuya comes and says they are behind their son but not focusing on the one who wants divorce.

Mohan says that she wants her son in law to be Ram but doesn’t care when her son roams with others, she wants best life for her daughter but wants her daughter in law life to be destroyed. Madhavi says she has never seen such a woman like her and she is ashamed to be born from her womb to which Tulasi asks her to respect her mother. Anasuya again taunts Tulasi. Mohan says he knows how Tulasi is and taunts saying that if Madhavi got her anasuya’s then he would have divorced her by now. All of them leave for the court.

Lasya is talking with Baghya who asks her to emotionally blackmail nandu as they don’t know how he changes his mind.

Lasya cries infront of Nandu emotionally blackmailing him that he changes his mind to which nandu says that if a woman like Tulasi can be confident then why not he. He promises lasya that he will divorce Tulasi. They both share a hug.

Tulasi meets her Mother outside the court and asks her as to why did she come. They both share few words and Saraswati says that she has a feeling in her heart that one day they will reunite for sure.

Precap: Judge asks so they have decided to get seperate as she didn’t change to which nandu blames Tulasi. Tulasi says that he didn’t fulfill his responsibilities. They both get into an argument. The Judge asks them to stop.