Intinti Gruhalaxmi: Lasya accuses Nandu

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StarMaa’s popular show Intinti Gruhalaxmi has attracted the audience with its storyline. Tulasi is the main lead of the show whose Life revolves around her family and her husband. Her world shatters when her husband gets into an extra marital affair with Lasya. She then decides to move on in her Life and prove herself to the world.

As Reported Earlier we saw the doctor telling Nandu that the problem looks much more severe that they have thought. He tells him that she is suffering from uterus cancer shocking him. He tells him that she needs her family, him and his love. He tells him that not medicines but their love will heal her. He asks him to make her happy. Nandu breaks down into tears and tells him that he doesn’t know or doesn’t understand as to what to do.

In the Upcoming episodes we will get to see Lasya saying to Nandu that he is using Tulasi’s health as the reason to spend time with her. Nandu tells her that Tulasi is his Wife and he cares for her as he spent time with her. Lasya tells him that she doesn’t care of any of these things and asks him when he is getting married to her. She demands Answers from him.

What will Tulasi do? Will Nandu and Lasya get Married? Will Tulasi survive the Cancer?

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