Intinti Gruhalaxmi: Lasya asks Tulasi to pay the Penalty

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Star Maa’s popular show Intinti Gruhalaxmi has attracted the audience with its storyline. Tulasi is the main lead of the show whose Life revolves around her family and her husband. Her world shatters when her husband gets into an extramarital affair with Lasya. She then decides to move on in her Life and prove herself to the world.

In today’s episode we will get to see Tulasi asking Prem to apologise to Ankita who was arguing. He apologises and leaves from there. Tulasi asks Ankita to keep nothing in heart and leaves from there. Ankita says that everyone is taunting her to which Abhi asks her not to create a scene and leaves from there. Ankita thinks that she will take him away after creating issues using Shruti in the house.

In the upcoming episodes we will get to see Lasya saying to the officials that Tulasi will pay the amount. Tulasi tells them that she has no money after asking how much money do they have to pay. They say two crores. She asks them what will they do if Nandu doesn’t pay the amount to which they tell her that they will send him to jail. Tulasi gets Shocked.

What will Tulasi do? How will Tulasi fulfill her promise?

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