Intinti Gruhalaxmi: Nandu calls Lasya an orphan

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StarMaa’s popular show Intinti Gruhalaxmi is all set to engage it’s audience with it’s interesting storyline. Tulasi, Nandu and Lasya are the main characters of the story while Tulasi is admired for her patience and her way of dealing with betrayal and problems. In yesterday’s episode we saw Tulasi saying that the problem is arised because the house is on her name. Tulasi walks out of the house even after Divya, Prem and Abhi tries to stop her. Tulasi leaves from there but before she can step out of the house her father in law gets heart attack. Everyone panic. Tulasi runs to him. In the hospital everyone is worried for him but Anasuya blames Tulasi. Tulasi tells her that it’s her son who is the reason for all the happenings. Doctor comes there and tells them that the surgery has to be done and it needs fifteen lakhs. Later Tulasi decides to mortgage her house. Ankita tries to manipulate Abhi but he is strong on his point. She then advices them to take money from her mother so that she can rule over them.

In the today’s episode we will get to see Tulasi thinking as to how to bring the money for the surgery. She gets a call from Ramachandra Shastry who asks her about the money she wanted to invest. She tells him about the situation of her house. After him Lasya calls her and asks her as to how she will arrange the money. She tells her that her father in law will take his last breath if she brings money late. Lasya asks her as to why she is silent. Tulasi says that if she really loves him soo much then why can’t she bring money from her fixed deposit. Lasya says that she didn’t bring the money when Shashikala warned nandu then why will she bring money for him. Tulasi calls Shashikala who agrees to give her the money. Later Baghya suggests lasya to give money so that she can become great in their eyes. Anasuya talks bad about Tulasi when Lasya says that she brought money.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Lasya asking Nandu as to why can’t he just live his life with her instead of craving for his parents and says that he has her hence they should live for eachother. He says that like every son he is craving for his parent’s love. Lasya says that he is behaving like only he has parents and no one else does. Nandu asks her whether he should leave all his family and become orphan like her.

How will lasya react to this humiliation? Is this the start of their downfall?