Intinti Gruhalaxmi: Tulasi walks out of the house

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Star Maa’s popular show Intinti Gruhalaxmi is all set to engage it’s audience with it’s interesting storyline. Tulasi, Nandu and Lasya are the main characters of the story while Tulasi is admired for her patience and her way of dealing with betrayal and problems. In yesterday’s episode we saw Ankita after the argument calling lasya and telling her what has happened in the house. Lasya assures her. Lasya tells nandu about it and provokes him against her. Nandu tells Tulasi to stop this and if she keeps the house as the surity then all will be on the road. He asks his father ahd everyone to come with him but he denies. He accuses Tulasi of changing his family to which she says they are not like him to break relationships. Nandu says he is giving her one day and in one day the family should be in his home making her worried. Later Ankita tells Abhi that they should go to Nandu’s house

In the today’s episode We will get to see Ankita asking Abhi to leave the house. Prem asks her whether she will do the same with her parents. They both get into an heated argument. Tulasi asks prem to be in his limits. Ankita tells the issue to lasya who suggests her to do something. Ankita agrees and creates a scene of leaving the house. Tulasi asls pr to apologise. He apologises to her making her and Anasuya smirk. He walks out of the house. Later lasya calls her ahd asks her whether she knows what will happen to her family once they go to her making her worried.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Tulasi saying that the problem is arised because the house is on her name. Tulasi walks out of the house even after Divya, Prem and Abhi trying to stop her.

What will Tulasi do? How will Tulasi arrange the Money?

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